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Understand Rugby World Cup connectivity

Find out how to improve your internet connection for streaming the Rugby World Cup 2019. 

Why did I get an email about the Rugby World Cup 2019™?

Rugby World Cup™ is being live-streamed on Spark Sport. And if you'd like to watch it, you'll need an internet connection that's fast enough. We looked at average customer download speeds, then got in touch with anyone who has a speed slower than 10Mbps (Megabits per second) to recommend other plans with a faster connection.

Unfortunately, some customers don't have any other technology options. But our partnership with TVNZ means there will be a number of matches free-to-air with TVNZ.

How do you know my internet won't be fast enough?

We don't know exactly how fast download speeds will be at your address while the rugby is being streamed. But it looks like your current internet connection is slower than 10Mbps – which may not be fast enough to catch the action. We want to give you a heads up now so that you can make other plans well beforehand.

If you're on Wireless Broadband, your download speeds could be affected by other Wireless Broadband and mobile users on the network at the same time. If you're on ADSL Broadband, you'll have max downloads speeds of 24Mbps at non-peak times. But during busy times, this can be much lower. So we think it's best to make other plans – that way you won't miss out.

Do I need to upgrade my speed to buy Spark Sport?

You don't need to upgrade your internet to be able to sign up for Spark Sport. But if there are lots of people using the network at the same time – like what we're expecting with the Rugby World Cup 2019 – you might experience some buffering if your current speeds aren't fast enough. That's why we'd recommend upgrading to a plan that gives you faster internet.

How do I know if my streaming is slow?

If your streaming's slow, the first thing to do is an internet speed test. If your download speeds are less than 10Mbps, we'd recommend upgrading to Fibre – our fastest broadband yet. Check your speed

What if I move to a different address?

If you're looking at moving house, you can use our address checker to see what technology's available. Most households in New Zealand have technology suitable for streaming, but it's worth getting in touch to be sure. Check your address

What are my options if I don’t want to upgrade?

If you don't want to upgrade your plan, you can watch a selection of games free-to-air with TVNZ. Go to TVNZ

My streaming is fine right now, so why have you contacted me?

We're expecting high internet usage while the Rugby World Cup 2019 is on. So if you have download speeds of less than 10 Mbps (Megabits per second), there's a chance you'll experience buffering while streaming the matches. That's why we got in touch about upgrading your plan, or watching the matches free-to-air with TVNZ.

Why is Spark’s threshold 10Mbps when Spark Sport says customers only need a minimum of 6Mbps to stream the service?

We're expecting higher internet usage while the Rugby World Cup 2019 is on. And the last thing we want is for you to miss any of the action. So while the minimum recommended streaming threshold for Spark Sport is 6Mbps, we're recommending plans with at least 10Mbps.

Will upgrading cost me anything?

Chances are you won't have to pay any more, but that does depend on which plan you upgrade to. On the other hand, you could save money if you aren't using all the data allowance on your current plan. It's also important to know that if you're in a term contract, we won't charge you any early termination fees for changing plans.

Is this about you wanting customers on Fibre?

Not at all. We want to make sure you can catch all the big matches live. And Fibre isn’t the only technology we’re recommending.

Is it worth upgrading just for the Rugby World Cup 2019?

Your upgrade will help you watch the Rugby World Cup 2019. Better still, you'll have faster internet moving forward, which is great for things like streaming.

Will I be charged early termination fees if I have to resign to a new plan before my current contract ends?

No. We'll waive any early termination fees if you change to any Unlimited VDSL or Fibre Unplan plan.

Will I be able to stream the Rugby World Cup 2019 without a Broadband connection?

No. Spark Sport is internet based, so you’ll need to watch the rugby from any address that has high quality broadband.

Why isn't my term the same as the one you're asking me to re-sign?

Some customers are in a long-term contract, while others in a short-term contract. And since the term is linked to the plan not the account, your current term doesn't apply – so you'll be asked to sign up to a 12-month term.