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Spark Smart Modem firmware update

Spark has discovered a security vulnerability in one of our modems - Spark Smart Modem (VRV9517).

Our vendor has been investigating this vulnerability. They do not believe the risk could be exploited on our Spark modems. This is due to the specific build of our modems and our own testing supports this.

All Spark Smart Modems (VRV9517) connected to the Spark fixed broadband connections (ADSL,VDSL or Fibre) would have received an updated version of the software. This means as long as you are still with Spark you are not impacted and there is no action required from you.

If you are no longer with Spark and are still using the Spark Smart Modem, you can update the modem’s firmware manually.

Learn about the vulnerabilities this new firmware will resolve

How to upgrade the modem’s firmware manually:

  1. Download the firmware to a storage device of your choosing. Download modem firmware
  2. Connect the device that you’ve downloaded the firmware to the Spark Smart Modem via WiFi or Ethernet cable.
  3. Log in to your modem. Learn how to log into your modem
  4. Check the firmware version of your modem. Select the “Router Information” tab shown on the top navigation bar. The new firmware is 6.00.18.
  5. If the firmware is an older version, you can proceed to update your modem.

    Select the “Administration” tab on the left navigation bar. Then select the “Firmware Upgrade” tab on the top navigation bar.
  6. Click “Choose file” button to select the firmware file from your local file storage.
  7. Click “Begin Upgrade” button and wait for the firmware to be updated.
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