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Learn about dial-up & how to fix it

Find out about how to solve dial-up internet issues. You can also learn about funny noises and ways to handle phone calls while you're online.

Noise when connecting or disconnecting from the internet

  • When your modem connects to the internet via dial-up you'll hear a few noises as part of the process.
  • As the modem dials out you'll hear it dialling numbers.
  • A high-pitched noise will follow as you connect to the internet.
  • You can turn the sound down so you don't hear this noise.

Use broadband and dial-up at the same time

  • You can use dial-up as a back up while using broadband.
  • To do this, plug a filter into the jackpoint you plug your dial-up connection into.
  • You'll only get a charge for the service if you use it. Using this back-up plan costs $2.55 an hour.

Phone calls while using dial-up

  • If anyone calls you while you're using dial-up, your phone line will make a busy or engaged tone.
  • You can set up call minder, and callers can leave a message for you.
  • You could also set up call forward, which prompts the caller to press 0 and connect to your mobile.

Error 691: Can't establish a dial-up networking connection

If you get this message, you may have used a wrong username or password when connecting to dial-up. This error may also appear if your account is inactive. Try these steps to fix the problem:

  1. Check that you're entering the right username and password.
  2. Unplug anything that's in a jackpoint, including your phone and fax machine.

Other error messages

If you get another error message, there may be settings that are wrong, poor line quality, or the internet server may be down. Try these steps to fix the problem:

  1. Restart your computer and modem.
  2. Try using a different Spark dial-up number. If it's set to 087303030, try 087303031 or 087303032. If the same error occurs then go back to 087303030 and continue.
  3. Contact us and request an NTS test on the line.
    • If the NTS test reports a fault on the line, you may need a technician to come out and check it.

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