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Understand wire maintenance

Over time, the wiring in your home or business can experience wear and tear and may need repairing. To do this you'll need someone qualified such as an electrician or Spark technician to come and fix it.

For a small monthly fee, you can sign up to our optional wire maintenance service. If something does go wrong with your internal wiring or sockets we'll cover the cost of parts and labour for the repair.

What wire maintenance covers

  • Faulty internal wiring, sockets and jackpoints. This includes copper wiring and sockets.
  • Sky jackpoint problems. Note: the technician needs to have followed the Spark installation rules.
  • A splitter becoming faulty
  • Hardwired lines that become faulty
  • Service faults caused by faulty wiring:
    • Static on the line
    • Can't receive or make calls
    • Broadband connection stops often

What wire maintenance doesn't cover

  • Cables that connect items to jackpoints
  • Issues that don't result from a fault
  • Repairs to wiring or sockets that didn't follow Spark installation rules
  • Any cabling that is outside your house. This includes cables between your house and another building, like your shed.
  • Damage by natural disasters
  • Damage from renovations or vandalism
  • Faults because of other equipment. This includes handsets, filters and your modem.
  • Wiring upgrades
  • Setting up new connection and wiring
  • Installing a splitter
  • Wiring maintenance doesn't apply to Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) lines. These lines provide a digital service over copper lines.
  • Upgrading a hardwired jackpoint that isn't faulty
  • Other broadband performance issues. Find more information in the Broadband Terms and Conditions. See terms and conditions

Wire maintenance costs

  • If you choose to have wire maintenance, you'll get a monthly charge of $4.95
  • If you choose not to have wire maintenance, the costs for repair work include:
    • A fee to locate the fault: $139.45
    • Labour rate (per 15 minutes): $25.30 plus any extra material costs

30-day stand down

  • If you opt in to wire maintenance when you sign up for a service, you're covered straight away
  • If you choose not to have wire maintenance when you sign up for a service and want to add it later, you'll be on a 30-day stand down. If you need repair work done during this time, you'll get a charge.
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