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Fix my landline: incoming calls

If your landline isn't working as you expect, find out how to solve common issues. Answer questions below and we'll take you through the next steps.

Check the outages page

Do you see an outage for your area?

  • If you see an outage, sit tight, our techs are onto it. You can regularly check the outage map for updates.

Check the ringer volume on your telephone.
If you have call minder, check the ringing option is not set to zero rings.
There's a limit to the number of phones or faxes that you can connect to one phone line. You shouldn't plug more than five products into your phone line. Try unplugging a few. Then trying phoning your landline from a mobile, did it work?

  • You've answered yes. Great, you're back in business.

Check MySpark, or the Spark mobile app, to make sure you've paid your account. Is your account up to date?

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