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E-TXT Upgrade information


The E-TXT service is currently undergoing changes to improve the service.

The changes will happen on the 5th and 12th February. They'll be available when you use the portal for the first time after upgrades.

What is changing on the 5th February?

  • Permissions: There's a small change to the user maintenance page. Read/write checkboxes for access to address books have been replaced with words.
  • Address book imports: You can now import duplicate names but not duplicate numbers.
  • Auto complete: The auto-complete functionality on the compose page has improved. You'll see users appear in the auto-completer, not just contacts and groups.

What is changing on the 12th February?

  • User interface: It's cleaner and the menu structure is more logical.
  • Address book: We've renamed address book to groups. The address book admin role is renamed security group admin.
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