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Understand the new mobile plans

Find out the new features on new Spark mobile plans and how it could affect your current plan.

We've launched new plans for Pay Monthly and Prepaid customers. Find out how these may affect your current plan. See Pay Monthly plans, Prepaid packs and extras

What happens to my current plan?

If you're already a Spark mobile customer, you'll remain on your existing Spark Pay Monthly or Prepaid plan. You won't be automatically put onto a new plan. If you'd like to get one of the new plans you can cancel your plan in MySpark or the Spark app and then buy a new plan.

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If you're a business customer you can call youlocal Business Hub to change your plan.

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Getting onto a new plan

Prepaid customers

If you don't top up before your pack renews, you'll only be able to purchase one of the new Prepaid rollover packs when you next top up.

Pay Monthly customers

If you want to change your plan, you'll need to select from one of the new Pay Monthly plans. Find out about new plans

What's changed?

Below are some of the key features in the new Spark plans and packs.

Spotify changes

Spotify Premium is included for selected Spark Pay Monthly mobile plans for up to 24 months, excluding sharers.

Spotify Premium with 50% discount is available on eligible Prepaid rollover packs and the Spark sharer plan. To get Spotify Premium, you'll have to buy a Spotify Premium Extra.

If you're currently a Prepaid customer with Spotify Premium included, you can keep renewing your current pack to keep your Spotify. If your old Prepaid pack doesn't auto renew because there isn't enough top up credit on your account, there is a five days grace period​. After this time your Spotify Premium will drop off your pack.

To continue getting Spotify Premium from Spark on a new Prepaid pack, you can buy Spotify Premium with a 50% discount. Find out how much you'd pay for Spotify Premium on a new pack

Rollover data and minutes

Some Spark plans offer rollover data and rollover minutes. This lets you build up unused data and minutes to use them in later months. The maximum amount of rollover data and minutes you can have at any one time is 3.5GB and 500 minutes. Rollover data and minutes expire after 365 days. Find out more about rollover data and minutes

Free WiFi changes

Free Spark WiFi is now available on all Prepaid and Pay Monthly plans. Find out more about Spark WiFi

Unlimited plan change

The Unlimited mobile plan now has a reduced price.

Note: You can't use hotspotting and tethering on the Unlimited mobile plan.

Shared plans

Pay Monthly customers can now share their plans with others. Previously, you had to buy a Shared Plan. Now the new Pay Monthly plans can have other connections added to their account.

Find out about sharing your plan

Are you a business customer? Find out about sharing your plan

Prepaid renewal cycle changes

Prepaid plans will now renew every four weeks (28 days), rather than every month. If you have an automatic payment to top up your mobile, you'll need to amend the cycle to every 28 days. If you don't, you may miss the renewal of your pack and go on to casual rates. Find out more about the billing cycle changes

My Favourites change

If you have My Favourites on your current mobile plan or pack it will remain there. You can no longer add new My Favourites mobile numbers to your mobile account. View more about My Favourites

$9 Value Pack change

$9 Talk and Text Boost has replaced the $9 Value Pack. It has more minutes, and renews every four weeks.

If you're a current $9 Value Pack customer, you can keep renewing this pack if you have enough top up credit. If your pack hasn't renewed, there is a five days grace period. After this time you won't be able to buy the $9 Value Pack again. View new plans, packs and extras.

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