$10 Wireless Broadband credit

1.       This offer is for a $10 (incl GST) monthly account credit for the term of your eligible Wireless Broadband Plan. This credit will end if you or Spark terminates your eligible Wireless plan, you move to a broadband plan that is not an eligible Wireless plan or you move to an alternative broadband technology such as ADSL, VDSL or Fibre.

2.       To be eligible for this offer you must sign up to a new eligible Wireless plan between 27 November and 31 March 2021.

3.       This offer is not available to:

a.       any existing Spark Wireless broadband customer who switches to an eligible plan; or

b.       any existing copper customer or new customer who is sent a free Spark Wireless modem.

4.       The eligible Wireless plans are:

a.       For residential customers: Unplan Wireless plans and Rural Wireless plan; and

b.       For business customers: Business Flexible Wireless Naked, Business Flexible Wireless + Landline, Business Wireless 200GB Naked and Business Bundle Wireless 200GB + Calling.

5.       For clarity, the following plans are not eligible Wireless plans:

a.       Spark Rural Wireless Antenna plans; and

b.       Existing Spark Wireless Broadband plans with a 12 or 24 mnth term that shifted to an open term

6.       The account credit will be applied from the date your new Spark Wireless Broadband is connected. You cannot exchange the credit or transfer the credit to any other person or account.

7.       Spark’s credit criteria apply.

8.       Spark’s Wireless Broadband is not available everywhere, broadband speeds vary and most Spark Wireless Broadband plans have monthly data caps.

9.       For residential customers, Spark’s Personal General Terms, Mobile and Wireless Broadband terms and plan terms apply. See terms

10.    For business customers, Spark’s Business General Terms and Business Wireless Broadband terms apply. See terms

11.    Offer must be redeemed online, in store or call us on 0800 800 123.


Dated: 25 January 2021.