My Favourites terms and conditions


To be eligible to receive this service, you must be a Spark customer on a Spark landline plan.

  1. This service allows you to nominate up to a maximum of three numbers per Spark landline at any one time.
  2. For each My Favourites you will incur a monthly charge of $6 charged to your Spark account and payable by you.
  3. You can nominate up to a maximum of three Spark mobile or New Zealand landline numbers. You can only nominate a number once. My Favourites includes direct dial calls on and excludes calling cards, Call Diversion, Customer Link, Tandem calling, 059 and other premium numbers and roaming calls.
  4. If your My Favourites Nominated Number is a mobile number that is roaming at the time of a call normal roaming charges will apply to that My Favourites number, for example the My Favourites number will pay to receive the call from your land line.  
  5. This service applies to one-way direct dial voice calls from your Spark land line to the My Favourites. The monthly charge excludes return calling from the My Favourites number.
  6. This service entitles you to make calls to your nominated My Favourites numbers for the fixed monthly charge. Calls are capped at two hours.  After a call duration of two hours normal call charges will apply and no further discounts will be applied to the ‘overage’ portion of the call.  Normal call charges mean the standard per minute calling rates as determined by your access plan or bundle.
  7. Fair Use Policy applies. The Fair Use Policy refers to the maximum amount of calls made in one month and referenced against average customer profiles and estimated customer use of this service. If your use materially exceeds estimated use patterns over any month, then your use will be deemed excessive and/or unreasonable. If you breach this policy Spark may ask you to moderate your usage. If you fail to do so, Spark reserves the right, without further notice, to remove the service from your account.
  8. You are able to purchase, change or cancel the service by contacting us. or using the online self service tools.  If you move your home line calling to another service provider you will need to contact us to remove the service from your Spark account.
  9. You are able to contact 123 or our Retail stores for assisted purchase, changes to your service, enquiries or cancellation of the service.
  10. The service is based on your monthly billing cycle and will be charged to your Spark account from the date of activation, monthly in advance.
  11. The service may not be cancelled and no changes may be made within the first 30 days.
  12. You may make changes to the number(s) you have nominated free of charge. More than once per month is deemed excessive and we may ask you to restrict this activity. If you fail to do so, Spark reserves the right, without further notice, to remove the service from your account.
  13. Provisioning may take up to 48 hours and you will be notified via text or email when the service is added, changed or cancelled.  However, provisioning may take longer particularly if your order is received outside normal business hours or on a public holiday.
  14. If you cease to be a Spark calling customer, switch to an ineligible plan or product or deactivate or suspend your account, you will no longer be eligible for this service.
  15. The monthly charge for the service is in addition to all other offers, access or minimum usage charges for your monthly account.
  16. It is your responsibility to inform Spark if any of the numbers on your selected My Favourites number changes. Otherwise Spark will continue to bill you the monthly charge for your selected numbers.
  17. Spark's Personal Terms apply.
  18. The services is not compatible with a permanent Toll bar (both customer requested and credit bars). Customers can have Call Restriction and the service, however, they will need to turn off Call Restriction to make a call to the Nominated Number.  This services is not compatible with Total Home, Talk It Up Down Under, Talk It Up New Zealand, Talk It Up Overseas and Budgetlink.  This service is not compatible with mobile numbers already nominated as part of the Unlimited service.