$22.99 Endless Data Only Plan Terms

Below are the terms that apply to our $22.99 Endless Data Only Plan. You agree to these Plan terms (including any updates). In addition, our General Terms for all customers will always apply, and our Mobile and Wireless Terms apply too.

Service Overview

Who is eligible to buy this plan?

  1. The $22.99 Endless Data Only Plan is a Pay Monthly mobile plan that’s available for personal use. To purchase (and keep using) a $22.99 Endless Data Only plan, you must have one of the following plans active with Spark. For each of these on your account, you can have one $22.99 Endless Data Only plan.
    • $59.99 Endless Mobile plan
    • $79.99 Endless Mobile plan
    • $99.99 Endless Group plan
    • $29.99 Endless Companion plan
    • Unplan Fibre 100 Open
    • Unplan Fibre 100 with Landline Open
    • Unplan Fibre Basic Open
    • Unplan Fibre Basic with Landline Open
    • Unplan Fibre Max Open
    • Unplan Fibre Max with Landline Open
    • Unplan Metro Wireless – Open
    • Unplan Metro Wireless with Landline – Open
    • Unplan Netflix Fibre 100 Open
    • Unplan Netflix Fibre 100 with Landline Open
    • Unplan Netflix Fibre Basic Open
    • Unplan Netflix Fibre Basic with Landline Open
    • Unplan Netflix Fibre Max Open
    • Unplan Netflix Fibre Max with Landline Open
    • Unplan Netflix Metro Wireless – Open
    • Unplan Netflix Metro Wireless with Landline – Open
    • Unplan Netflix Wireless – Open
    • Unplan Netflix Wireless with Landline – Open
    • Unplan Wireless – Open
    • Unplan Wireless with Landline – Open
    • 5G Discover
    • 5G Discover Netflix
    • Basic Wireless
    • Essential Fibre
    • Essential Fibre with Landline
    • Everyday Fibre
    • Everyday Fibre with Landline
    • Everyday Wireless
    • Everyday Wireless with Landline
    • Lite Wireless
    • Lite Wireless with Landline
    • Max Fibre
    • Max Fibre with Landline
    • Max Wireless
    • Max Wireless with Landline
    • 5G Wireless Broadband Netflix with Landline
    • 5G Wireless Broadband with Landline

What's included?

  1. Data for use on your device in NZ. 40GB max speed then data will continue at a reduced speed of 1.2Mbps. You’ll still be able to use your data like you did before, but you’ll experience some degradation (such as lower video resolution) when watching video, streaming or loading images after you’ve hit 40GB.

What isn't included?

  1. Data plans are restricted for tablet or mobile broadband use only, and cannot be used on any other device, including mobile phones or modems.
  2. You can’t hotspot or tether on this plan unless you buy a hotspot extra. If you buy a personal hotspot to enable hotspotting or tethering on this plan, this will detrimentally impact the experience with each device you connect. Each data device will have a recommended connection limit, but the experience of each device connected will depend on Spark's mobile network coverage.
  3. It's not recommended to connect high-data consumption devices (such as Smart TVs or gaming consoles) when using the hotspot or tethering feature.
  4. For personal device connectivity only on devices such as laptops and tablets. It's also not recommended for connecting multiple users' devices at the same time.
  5. Spark sharer plans can't be added to this plan, therefore no plan allocations can be shared with any other user.
  6. You can’t roam with this plan.

Other Information

How will I be billed?

  1. The $22.99 Endless Data Only Plan and your Endless Mobile or eligible broadband plan will be subject to the same billing cycle (excludes Unplan open term broadband plans). Your billing cycle won’t change if you add plans part way through your billing cycle. If you add another mobile plan part way through a billing cycle, however, you’ll be charged for a part month so that we can bring all your lines in sync with your next bill. If you are on Unplan then your broadband plan is billed in arrears for data you have used for that month and the Endless Data Only plan will be billed in advance. If you are on Unplan and are billed in arrears, and move to an in-market plan, you will have a transition bill before the above takes effect.

What if I remove an Endless Mobile plan from my account?

  1. If you terminate your required mobile plan, Spark will contact you within 10 days to notify you that if you continue to have a $22.99 Endless Data Only plan without a required mobile plan, your $22.99 Endless Data Only Plan will be terminated.

Notice period (cancellation)

  1. There's no minimum term for this plan. You can cancel this plan at any time by notifying Spark customer services. Plan charges and your service will stop 30 days after we receive your notification.

Traffic management

  1. We might also have to pause, restrict, end or slow performance of your service if it’s necessary for us to protect our networks or manage traffic over our networks. We’ve covered this at clause 6.6 of our General Terms. You also need to use our services fairly – we’ve set out our rules on this at clause 2.6 of our General Terms.