Kids Watch Smart Plan Terms

We’ve set out below the terms that apply to our Kids Watch Smart Plan. You agree to these Plan Terms (including any updates). In addition, our General Terms for all customers will always apply, and our Mobile and Wireless Terms apply too. 

Service Overview

Who is eligible to buy this plan?

  1. Smart Plan is a Pay Monthly Mobile Plan that can only be bought in conjunction with the Kids Watch by Alcatel or the Spacetalk Smart Watch (“Watch”). A subscription to the Smart Plan must be bought with each purchase of a Watch. The Watch is not available for sale separately. Smart Plan is not available for use with other devices.
  2. The Smart Plan and Watch is available to Spark consumer customers only.

What's included?

  1. The monthly subscription for the Smart Plan includes mobile services required for standard domestic Watch use by children within New Zealand. This includes calling, messaging and data. No overage charges apply for standard New Zealand calls, texts or data use.

What isn't included?

  1. Smart Plan doesn't include any value-added services or extra and can’t be used for roaming. No sharers can be added to this plan. International calls will be charged at Spark’s standard rates. View our standard mobile rates

Other Information

Notice Period (cancellation)

  1. The Smart Plan can be cancelled at any time by providing 30 days' notice. The agreement will end, and charges will stop 30 calendar days after we receive your notification. If you buy the Watch on an interest free payment plan and cancel before you've paid off the full balance, the total outstanding balance on your interest free payment plan must be paid on termination.

Traffic Management

  1. Machine-to-machine services, tethering (hotspots), use for business purposes, use other than standard domestic use by children or any other similar activity that Spark considers to be non-standard personal usage is prohibited (“Prohibited Usage”). If we consider you're engaging in Prohibited Usage we may ask you to stop such usage and if it continues, remove your subscription immediately with notice.
  2. We might also have to pause, restrict, end or slow performance of your service if it’s necessary for us to protect our networks or manage traffic over our networks. We’ve covered this at clause 6.6 of our General Terms. You also need to use our services fairly – we’ve set out our rules on this at clause 2.6 of our General Terms.

What else you will need

If you have a Kids Watch by Alcatel, you must:

  1. To use the Watch, parents or caregivers must also download the TCLMOVE App (App). The App enables parents or caregivers to manage contacts, features and tracking. The App is available on iOS and Android. Your use of the TCLMOVE App is governed by a separate agreement between you and Alcatel. See Alcatel terms and conditions for details. Personal information about you and your child will be processed by Alcatel Lucent via the App and the Watch. 

If you have the Spacetalk Watch, you must:

  1. To use the Watch, you need to subscribe to the AllMyTribe service, the minimum cost is $6.99 a month (in addition to the Smart Plan charges). To do this you'll need to download the AllMyTribe App and pay these charges to AllMyTribe via that App. If you stop paying the subscription, you'll no longer be able to use the contacts, features and tracking for the Watch. Your use of the AllMyTribe App is governed by a separate agreement between you and MGM Wireless Holdings Pty Ltd. You'll pay the AllMyTribe subscription fee directly to AllMyTribe and AllMyTribe may change that fee in accordance with its contract with you. Personal information about you and your child will be processed by AllMyTribe via the App and the Watch.