Team Up terms and conditions

Team Up is Spark's discount programme. You can get a discount if you have eligible plans with us.

Below are the terms that apply to Team Up. You agree to these terms (including any updates we make from time to time). Our relevant General and Mobile and Wireless Terms also apply (depending on whether you're a Consumer or Business customer).

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Team Up account structure

  1. Team Up applies to eligible plans under a single customer number. Multiple billing accounts for different end users can be added to one customer number to qualify for a Team Up discount.

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Team Up eligibility

  1. Consumer and business customers are eligible for Team Up discounts while on eligible plans. Customers with non-standard pricing on eligible plans and Enterprise customers are excluded.
  2. The following plans are eligible for Team Up discounts:
    1. $27 Rollover Plan / $23.48 excl GST
    2. $70 Endless Plan / $60.87 excl GST
    3. $90 Endless Plan / $78.26 excl GST
    4. $100 Endless Plan / $86.96 excl GST
    5. $65 Business Endless Plan (excl GST)

How you can get Team Up

  1. To get a Team Up discount, there must be 2 or more eligible plans under the same customer number. You will need to contact us if you want to add or transfer your plan to a specific customer number so you can get a Team Up discount.

What Team Up discounts apply

  1. The level of Team Up discount applied is based on the total number of eligible plans under the same customer number:
    1. 1 eligible plan: 0% discount.
    2. 2 eligible plans: 20% discount off all eligible plans.
    3. 3 eligible plans: 30% discount off all eligible plans.
    4. 4+ eligible plans: 35% discount off all eligible plans.
  2. Team Up discounts apply to eligible plans only when the Team Up eligibility criteria is met. The discount is applicable to plan pricing only.
  1. Team Up discounts are not redeemable other than as set out in these Terms. They are not refundable for cash either.
  2. It's important you provide us with the right information, so we are able to provide the correct discounts.

Changes to Team Up discounts

  1. Changes to the number of eligible plans under a customer number may impact or remove the discount applied to those eligible plans. The Team Up discount may be reduced or removed this includes where:
    1. The number of eligible plans changes (whether by the customer or Spark changing or terminating eligible plan/s).
    2. One or more eligible plans become subject to non-standard pricing.
    3. One or more customers breach Spark’s terms.
    4. Spark, acting reasonably and in good faith, considers that the Team Up discount should be removed.


  1. Any changes to the Team Up discount as a result of the above will take effect immediately. These will be reflected on your Spark Bill and will be aligned to your plan charges. Your bill may include any of the following:
    1. Full discounts.
    2. Partial discounts.
    3. Partial reversal of any discounts that were provided in advance.

Account responsibility and making changes to the customers profile

  1. The customer is ultimately responsible for all services and charges under the customer number. If the accounts linked to the customer number are not paid, it is the customer who is liable for any outstanding charges.


  1. When you use Spark services, you often need to share some personal information with us. Our Privacy Policy tells you what information we collect and how we use, share and protect it, and it applies whenever you interact with us or use our products and services.

    Read our Privacy Policy here
  1. The customer can see information about all users, plans, services and charges linked to their customer number.


  1. In the event of inconsistency, the Team Up terms take priority over the applicable General Terms and Mobile and Wireless Terms.

  2. Spark may amend or update these terms and conditions at any time. The process set out in the General Terms will apply.


Customer: Can be an individual or a company. Each Customer is assigned a Customer Number.

Customer number: The number assigned to each individual or company. This can be found by contacting Spark.

Billing account: Customers can divide their services into different billing accounts. Each account will have a different account number and can have an alternative billing contact and address, which is sent to the nominated Billing Contact.

Eligible plan(s): Are the plans which qualify for Team Up as noted in the above terms.