Unlimited Wearable plan terms

These terms apply in addition to the Spark Mobile Postpaid Agreement. View the Spark Mobile Postpaid Agreement

Plan details

$14.99 Unlimited Wearable plan (Pay Monthly)

The Unlimited Wearable plan is a Pay Monthly mobile plan that can only be bought in conjunction with an eligible device. Customers looking to purchase the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G LTE on the Unlimited Wearable plan must have their primary device (their phone) on Spark (Prepaid or Pay Monthly). 

  • Eligible device: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G LTE, purchased from Spark
  • Eligible devices are subject to change
  • Most have a compatible smartphone connected to the Spark network

The monthly subscription for the Unlimited Wearable plan includes mobile services (including NZ calling, NZ text messaging and NZ data). Plan excludes value added services, international roaming and charges for additional data and additional standard international calls. Hotspotting or tethering is not available and cannot be purchased as an extra (add-on). Speeds reduce after 40GB. Available to Spark Pay Monthly and Prepaid customers only.

Information about the service

$14.99 Unlimited Wearable plan (Pay Monthly)

Monthly charge: $14.99

What's included:

  • Unlimited standard national text**
  • Unlimited standard national minutes**
  • Unlimited data for use in NZ*

All prices include GST. Minute and text allowances included in monthly charge are for person to person use only.

Available to Spark Pay Monthly and Prepaid customers only.

*Unlimited data:  Speeds reduce after 40GB per line. No tethering or hotspots. You cannot purchase Hotspot extras for this plan.

**Unlimited text:  Includes person-to-person text messages (SMS) to NZ numbers only.

**Unlimited calling: Includes person-to-person calling to standard NZ numbers, excluding calls to premium and special numbers and roaming.


Customers who purchase the Unlimited Wearable plan with the eligible device must have their primary device on Spark (Prepaid or Pay Monthly). Primary device refers to the mobile device that is used to pair and activate the watch.

Our open term plans let you call the shots. Keep your options open – we won't lock you in long term.

You cannot share the inclusions of the Unlimited Wearable plan, or move to a Mobile Sharer plan once you've signed up for the Unlimited Wearable plan.

Your device is capable of roaming and roaming charges will apply. Learn about roaming charges

You can buy roaming packs for your watch and set roaming Smart Caps via the Spark app or MySpark.

There is no minimum term for using the plan. You can cancel this plan at any time by notifying Spark customer services. Plan charges will stop 30 days after we receive your notification.

Information about Unlimited Wearable services and pricing

The Unlimited Wearable plan includes:

Unlimited data

Unlimited data for personal NZ use on your eligible device only. Excludes Roaming data. Max speeds reduced after 40GB of data usage per billing cycle. You will still be able to use your data like you did before, but you will experience some degradation (such as lower video resolution) when watching video, streaming or loading images.

Unlimited calls & texts

You get unlimited calls and texts to standard NZ and Australian numbers (you need to be calling or texting another person). Excludes premium and special numbers and roaming. 

The Unlimited Wearable plan does not include:

  • Free Spotify Premium subscription
  • 50% Spotify Premium
  • Free Lightbox subscription
  • Free WiFi 1GB/day

Spark standard rates for other services apply.

Additional minutes (on plans $39 and below)

Additional data

Picture messages

International text messages

Voicemail retrieval

Video calling

International direct-dial calling: Australia, US, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland

International direct-dial calling: Rest of the world

All prices include GST.

Roaming rates apply:

Extras and add-ons

The Unlimited Wearable plan has access to all Pay Monthly extras and value-added services, with the exception of:

  • 10GB and 1GB Hotspot extra
  • Lightbox subscription

Prohibited Usage

Machine to machine services, tethering, mobile hotspots or any other similar activity that Spark considers to be non-standard personal usage is prohibited (“Prohibited Usage”). If we consider you are engaging in Prohibited Usage, we may ask you to stop such usage and if it continues, remove your subscription immediately without notice.


Information about interest free payments

Learn about interest free payments

Information about coverage

The quality and availability of some services may vary depending on your location, your device, network congestion and network coverage. For more information, visit spark.co.nz/4g