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Personal information we collect

The personal information we collect depends on how you use our products and services as well as our relationship with you, as described below.

Account, Identity and Settings Information 

We collect information which helps us interact with you, set up and manage your account, or supply our products and services in accordance with your preferences. This may include, for example: 

  • Account information like your contact details, photos, identification documents and account authorities, your product and service choices, payment details, billing information and other information relevant to financial and credit assessments. 
  • Notification settings and communication preferences like preferred language and app notification options. 
  • Information from third-party login providers like Facebook/Meta or Google, when used to sign in to our online services. This can include information based on your settings, such as your email address, profile photo and a login token. We don’t collect your password for those service providers. To change those settings, use these shortcuts to your Google Account privacy settings and Facebook Account privacy settings  
  • Medical information in limited cases. For example, if you want a landline to use for emergency services only or you’re seeking a Vulnerable End User status for you or a member of your household. Read more about Vulnerable End User status

Location information

We collect information generated about your location. This may be generated automatically as we supply our products and services to you (e.g.  when your device connects to cell towers and GPS satellites.)  It may also be generated when you share your information with us through a website, app or other digital platform  and may be optional. View your privacy: your choices and rights

Technical and performance information

We collect information related to our products, services, equipment or networks. For example we may collect information about how they’re performing for you.  

Device information 

We collect information specific to your device, such as model, software and configuration versions and settings, unique device and service identifiers, and technical and performance related settings. 

Interaction and usage information  

We collect information about your use and interaction with us and our products and services. This may include, for example:  

  • Usage information including caller and called numbers, time and duration of communications, service plan usage, websites and other online locations visited, content viewed on Spark platforms, advertisements displayed to you and actions you take on our websites, social media pages and apps. 
  • Information you share when you contact us, including by phone or you can message us. 
  • Cookies and other identifiers such as IP addresses. We also collect information using cookies, web beacons, clear gifs, advertising IDs and similar technologies. This information is often optional. View your privacy: your choices and rights
  • Audio-visual recordings from in-store CCTV cameras. 
  • Information about the internet service provider you use to access our services. 

The content of your communications (for example: calls, emails, texts) 

Such content is technically collected by us as part of the process of connecting and delivering your communications.  We treat this content with the greatest sensitivity and care, and only use it:

  • To deliver it to your intended recipient as part of the service we provide. 
  • To detect and prevent attacks against our networks, systems and platforms, and threats to their security or integrity.
  • For public safety.
  • Where we reasonably believe we need to help prevent or detect fraud, or to prevent or lessen a serious threat to public health, public safety, or the life or health of any person.
  • Where you have agreed we can.
  • To comply with our legal obligations.