$100 ($86.96 ex GST) Endless Plan Terms - Retired

From 31 October 2023 this plan is no longer available for sale.

Below are the terms that apply to our $100 ($86.96 ex GST) Endless Plan. You agree to these Plan Terms, including any updates. Our General Terms and Mobile and Wireless Terms apply too. 

Different Plan Terms apply to our Endless Wearable Plan and our Endless Plan. 

Service Overview

Who is eligible to buy this plan?


  1. The $100 ($86.96 ex GST) Endless Plan is a Pay Monthly mobile plan that's available for personal use. 


What's included?


  1. Unlimited standard NZ and Australian texts. This includes person-to-person text messages (SMS) to NZ and Australian numbers only.
  2. Unlimited standard NZ and Australian minutes. This includes person-to-person calling to standard NZ and Australian numbers, excluding calls to premium and special numbers and roaming.
  3. Unlimited data for use on your mobile in NZ .
  4. This plan provides you with unlimited data to your mobile, you can hotspot or tether using your unlimited data (though our fair use policy applies).
  5. A fair use policy applies. This means you cannot use the service in a way that is overly excessive or unreasonable. This policy is based on how most people use the service and helps us make sure everyone using it gets to enjoy it. We've set out more rules on this at clause 2.6 of our General Terms.


Minimum contract period


  1. There's no minimum term for this plan.

Notice period (cancellation)


  1. You'll need to give us 30 days' notice to end your plan. This is covered in more detail in our General Terms. 


Traffic management

  1. We might also have to pause, restrict, end or slow performance of your service if it's necessary for us to protect our networks or manage traffic over our networks. We've covered this at clause 6.6 of our General Terms. You also need to use our services fairly – we've set out our rules on this at clause 2.6 of our General Terms.



  1. The plan is capable of roaming and roaming charges will apply. View roaming charges

Other charges

  1. Spark standard rates for other services such as additional minutes and international calls, apply. View Pay Monthly standard rates

Terms for Added Extras

Other terms

  1. Spotify Premium is included in this plan. 
    View Spotify terms