$150 voucher offer + $20 credit - Retired

Can't be used to buy Spark and Huawei modems.

Who is Eligible:  

Only to the address printed on this card who signs up to Fibre Unplan 100 or Fibre Max by 29 July 2021.

What do you get: 

$150 voucher will be given in the form of an email with unique numbers and can only be redeemed at Spark’s stores.  Please note the restrictions below. You will also receive a $20 (incl GST) monthly account credit for the first 12 months of your plan. This credit will end if you terminate your plan, you move to a broadband plan that is not an eligible or you move to an alternative broadband technology such as ADSL, VDSL or wireless.

How does it work: 

The voucher will be sent to a provided email address upon your broadband connection following your welcome email from Spark. The credit will be automatically applied from the date your new Spark broadband is connected. You cannot exchange the credit or transfer the credit to any other person or account.

Voucher restrictions: 

  1. Not redeemable for cash or Spark credit,
  2. Must be used all at once on a single product.
  3. Can’t be used to buy to buy Spark and Huawei modems, prepay top-ups, to pay your Spark bill (including but not limited to existing Interest Free Payment, Calling/Landline, Early Termination fees and other account fees), or with any other in-store vouchers.
  4. Whatever you choose to purchase, you’ll need to cover the entire cost upfront in-store, rather than put it on your Spark account.
  5. Voucher could take up to 30 days to receive and expires on the earlier of:
    (i) if you terminate you Spark Broadband; and
    (ii) 18 November 2021. 
  6. Any balance that remains on the voucher after the redemption or the voucher’s validity period end will no longer be available for use. Lost, stolen or destroyed voucher will not be exchanged or refunded. 

Other Terms:

  • Spark’s credit criteria apply.
  • Spark’s Unplan is not available everywhere.
  • Spark’s Personal General Terms, Fixed Line terms and plan terms apply. Click here
  • Offer must be redeemed in store, or call us on 0800 276 233.
11th May 2021.