Upgrade to Business Endless Mobile offer - Retired

$5 (excl. GST) off per month on the selected Endless Mobile plans below

Offer available until 30 June 2021 by invitation only.

  • You save $120 (excl. GST) over 24 months with a monthly credit of $5 (excl. GST) off while on the
    • $54.78 (excl. GST) Endless Mobile Plan
    • $69.56 (excl. GST) Endless Mobile Plan
    • $86.95 (excl. GST) Endless Group Mobile Leader plan
  • The offer can stack with other Spark Pay Monthly offers.
  • If you move off the Endless Mobile Plan or Endless Group Mobile Leader Plan before the end of your 24 months, you'll lose this credit.
  • After 24 months the account credit will end, and the monthly plan will return to:
    • $54.78 (excl. GST) or $69.56 (excl. GST) per month for Endless Mobile Plan.
    • $86.95 (excl. GST) per month for Endless Group Mobile Leader Plan.
  • Spark's T&Cs and credit criteria apply.
  • Offer not transferrable to any other person.

Endless data

  • Endless data is for personal NZ use on your phone only.
  • Excludes roaming data. 
  • Allocated data at max speed, then speeds reduce to a max of 1.2Mbps. You'll still be able to use your data like you did before but will experience some degradation (such as lower video resolution) when watching video, streaming or loading images. 
  • Machine to machine services or any other similar activity that Spark considers to be non-standard personal usage is prohibited ("Prohibited Usage"). 
  • Tethering or hotspot is available if you buy a Hotspot extra or if Hotspot data is included in your plan.

Unlimited calls and SMS

  • You get unlimited calls and SMS to standard NZ and Australian numbers. You need to be texting or calling another person.
  • Excludes premium and special numbers and roaming.
  • Unlimited SMS cannot be used for re-supply, call centre usage, telemarketing, bulk messaging, application-to-person communication, machine to machine communication (including by using your SIM card in any other device), Cellular Trunking Units (CTUs), or any other activity that Spark considers to be non-standard usage ("Prohibited Usage").
  • If we consider that you're engaging in Prohibited Usage we may contact you and ask you to stop such usage. If such Prohibited Usage continues despite notification from us, we may remove your subscription with unlimited texts immediately with notice.

Other terms and conditions apply as well. See below:


  • Available as an extra with Spark Endless Mobile plans for $8.70 (excl. GST) /month, or included as Hotspot data on your plan.
  • If you use Hotspot as an extra or as part of you plan, it counts towards your total data usage on your Endless Mobile plan.
  • After max speed data allocation is used, speeds will reduce to a maximum of 1.2Mbps; this will impact your experience. 
  • Hotspot capable device is required.