Microsoft 365 Half Price for 12 months offer - Retired

The following promotion ended on 30 November 2021.

What terms apply

  1. In addition to these offer terms, Spark’s Microsoft 365 Business Standard Plan half price for 12 months offer (“offer”) is also subject to:

Who can get this offer

  1. Subject to the exclusions and requirements below, this offer is available to new and existing Spark business customers who sign up to one of the following Spark Endless Business Mobile plans between 10 September 2021 and 30 November 2021:
    • $69.56 Endless Mobile Plan
    • $86.95 Endless Group Plan
    • $69.56 Endless Mobile Plan with Netflix
    • $86.95 Endless Group Plan with Netflix
    • $26.08 Endless Companion Plan
    • $45 Business Team Endless Open Term Plan
    • $65 Business Team Endless 24 Month Plan


  1. This offer isn't available to Spark’s corporate or enterprise customers or to Spark’s consumer customers. 

Redeeming the offer

  1. To redeem the offer, the customer must apply for their Microsoft 365 licenses through the Spark Cloud Marketplace by 30 November 2021.

Period of activation

  1. The customer must activate their Microsoft 365 license by 30 November 2021.

Customer information

  1. By redeeming this offer, the customer agrees that:
    • Its business contact details will be provided to Microsoft; and
    • Its business contract details and account information (including billing information) will be supplied to a Spark-nominated IT partner to assist with any setup requirements.
    • Spark or one of Spark's IT partners may contact the customer and request feedback about this offer. 

Application of the credit

  1. On the customer’s invoice, there will be a charge for Microsoft 365 license. The Microsoft 365 half-price credit will be applied against the customer’s eligible mobile line. The total value of the credit is half of the total monthly cost of the Microsoft 365 Standard Plan, the credit being  $9.45 excl. GST per month for 12 consecutive months. After the 12th credit has been applied, the credit will end but the full Microsoft 365 charge of $18.90 excl GST will continue unless the customer terminates in accordance with clause 9 below.
  2. Due to Spark’s invoicing cycles, the Microsoft 365 credit may not be applied to the first Microsoft 365 charge, but the credit will apply against 12 consecutive monthly invoices 


  1. The customer may terminate the Microsoft 365 license at any time by cancelling their subscription in the Spark Cloud Marketplace or by emailing
  2. The customer may change from a Microsoft 365 Business Standard Plan to an alternative Microsoft 365 business plan, but Spark will continue to apply the credit of $9.45 excl. GST per month for 12 months.
  3. Limit of one credit per eligible line, only available once per mobile number.
  4. This offer can't be combined with any other Spark offer except those expressly stated as applying in conjunction with this offer.
  5. If the customer terminates their eligible plan or downgrades from an eligible plan to an ineligible plan, the credit will stop but the Microsoft 365 charge will continue unless terminated in accordance with clause 9.
  6. If a customer wishes to move their data from another system to the Microsoft 365 platform, they can obtain further services from Spark to help to do this. There will be additional charges for this service which will be provided upon request. Charges may vary based on location and complexity.