Mobile and broadband loyalty credit

Terms of this offer - Expired 30 June 2019

  1. When you sign up for Unplan Entertainment plan with your Pay Monthly mobile of $39 or above, you'll get a $10 mobile and broadband loyalty credit on your monthly broadband invoice for 12months. 
  2. This offer:
    • Only applies to the original recipient and can't be transferred to any other person or to any other address. The Unplan Entertainment plan will need to be under the same name as your Pay Monthly account to be eligible for the $10 mobile and broadband loyalty credit.
    • Must be redeemed [on or] before 30 June 2019
    • Can't be combined with any other Spark offers, except for those we expressly state your eligibility in your eligibility notice
    • Isn't redeemable for cash
  3. A new 12 month term will start from the date your connection is active on the network or the date you redeem this offer, whichever is later. If you terminate your Unplan Entertainment plan before the expiry of this 12 month term, you'll incur an early exit fee of $199, (this fee will be waived if you change to another Spark fixed term broadband plan), and the $10 Mobile and broadband loyalty credit will end from the date of termination. 
  4. Upon expiry of your new 12 month term, your monthly $10 mobile and mobile loyalty credit automatically end and you'll pay Unplan Entertainment plan charges current at that time.

Things you should know - Unplan Entertainment

  1. The following terms apply:
  2. Unplan Entertainment isn't available in all areas and eligibility criteria apply.
  3. When you sign up (or upgrade your existing plan) to Unplan Entertainment, a new 12 month term applies from the date you upgrade to Unplan Entertainment and incurs an early exit $199 fee. The early exit fee only applies if you leave Spark broadband or move to an open term plan. If you change to another Spark broadband plan on a 12 month contract you won’t be charged an early exit fee.
  4. Monthly charges are invoiced in arrears. Price tier is determined by how much data you use that month.
  5. If you need a new modem, a $14.95 postage fee will apply. If you haven’t provisioned your Fibre already, non-standard installation charges may apply.
  6. If your Unplan or Unplan Entertainment is delivered via Wireless Broadband (over Spark’s 4G network) and your data usage exceeds 300GB in a month or 180GB a month for 3 consecutive months, Spark may change you (at Spark’s discretion) to Unplan or Unplan Entertainment to deliver over the Fibre network, or to a new plan
  7. Unplan Entertainment doesn't come with a landline unless otherwise stated, which means you'll be unable to make calls from a landline, including 111 calls. If you want a landline, please select Unplan Entertainment with Landline. Further charges apply.
  8. Any recurring credits or discounts on your existing broadband account will cease when you sign up to Unplan Entertainment. This includes things like the $10 bundle up bonus.
  9. Unplan Entertainment comes with Lightbox Standard and the Netflix Standard (HD) Streaming plans for the duration of your Unplan Entertainment plan or until you or Spark terminates your Unplan Entertainment in accordance with the Unplan Entertainment terms and conditions.
  10. You must use your own Lightbox and Netflix compatible device
  11. Even if you have had a Netflix offer with Spark, or you have a current Netflix account, you’ll still need to go to MySpark and select Activate. If you're currently paying for a Netflix plan, this payment will stop as soon as you activate your Spark Netflix offer, irrespective of how you were paying (credit card, Spark bill, iTunes, Google Play or Apple TV).