Prepaid Spotify Promotions – Retired from 6th September 2021 - Retired

Three months' free Spotify Premium promotional offer for Prepaid customers

  1. Offer available to new and existing Spark customers who purchase or renew an eligible Spark Prepaid Value Pack.
  2. Eligible Prepaid Value Packs include $19, $29, $49 Rollover Value Packs and $79 Endless Value Pack.
  3. Excludes NZ Travel SIMs and Grandfathered Plans.
  4. Only open only open to users who haven’t tried Spotify Premium before.
  5. When the three-month Spotify Premium trial expires, you'll roll onto a paid subscription which will be billed through Spotify.
  6. Once you receive a code, you'll have until 23 September 2021 to redeem the code before it expires.
  7. In the event of an emergency, security breach/threat, critical system failure or loss of licence, Spotify may modify, suspend or discontinue the redemption of codes.
  8. Spotify terms apply

“Unlimited music data to listen to Spotify” promotional offer for Prepaid customers

  1. If you reply "yes” to receive unlimited music data for Spotify, you’ll continue to receive unlimited music data to use on Spotify each month for three months if you are on an active and eligible Value Pack. If you fall onto Casual Rates, the data will be removed until you activate an eligible Value Pack. You'll have seven days from the day you receive the SMS to take up the unlimited music data offer.
  2. Unlimited music data for Spotify is applied in the form of unlimited Socialiser data. This unlimited data also applies to Facebook, Twitter and Messenger. Some functions may use plan data. Socialiser terms and conditions apply
  3. Unlimited music data won’t apply to some of the functions within the Spotify app, including:
    • Video streaming.
    • Spotify podcasts
    • Album artwork displayed on screen.
    • Song downloads.
    • Advertisements that the service providers may insert into the app. These can be video ads or banner ads.
    • Any analytics sent from the music provider to understand your music preferences and usage.
    • Authentication, for example, when the app confirms your login.
  4. Spark terms and conditions apply