If one connected device could help a business become more productive and sustainable, what could millions of connected devices do?

The Internet of Things has the power to connect people to their equipment and that equipment to networks, gaining insightful data that never existed before, and ultimately transforming the way we work, play and live for the better. With over half a million New Zealand businesses and millions of things already connected, and more joining every year, New Zealand has the potential for a more sustainable and productive future, and Spark IoT can help make it happen.


The term IoT or Internet of Things encompasses every object or thing connected to the internet. From sensors to smartphones to vehicles to entire buildings, IoT is made up of connected devices that “talk” to each other while collecting useful information that isn't available otherwise.
By combining IoT with automated systems, businesses can now gather and analyse data like never before. IoT could help your business reduce costs, improve health and safety, save time on monitoring and reporting, increase efficiency and return on investment. And this is all possible not someday, but today.




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The Spark Innovation Studio is now open. Explore and learn about emerging technologies such as IoT, 5G, mobile edge compute and mixed reality, and how they can help your business get ahead.

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Together with our forward-thinking local and global partners, we can provide the right end-to-end IoT solutions to meet your business needs. Our IoT solutions could help you reduce costs, improve health and safety, save time on monitoring and reporting, or increase efficiency and return on investment.

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IoT is transforming industries all over New Zealand. No matter what industry you’re in, our experts can help you discover the potential benefits of IoT for your business.

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Check out our range of IoT devices and apps to monitor and manage a wide range of business needs.

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We've partnered with a range of best in class local and international expertise to ensure your business has the most suitable IoT solution.

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We have dedicated experts ready to identify your business problems and opportunities, then plan and deploy the right IoT solution for your business needs.

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Our complete range of IoT solutions include hardware, connectivity, data analytics and insights and after sales support. Everything you need in one place to get your business to the future, today.

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IoT technology is transforming a wide range of industries. 
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