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Troubleshoot: Device help

Check the power source for your sensor.

  • If your device is battery-operated you can check the battery status on the device Insights page. If the battery has been depleted, make sure the replacement battery matches the device specifications. Contact Spark IoT Support Desk for assistance.
  • If your device comes with a solar panel, make sure it’s been exposed to sunlight for at least 6 days for batteries to be fully charged.
  • For mains-operated devices check if the power cable connector is fully inserted into power outlet on the device, and that power has been switched on at the wall plug.

On the Device Insights page check the last date the device has connected. If it is marked as “never”, check if the device is powering on. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for your specific device. If your device does power on, you might have insufficient coverage. Move your LoRa gateway closer to the location of your device to improve coverage.

To help us assess your coverage needs, contact your Customer Success Lead or your Business Hub.

Make sure you are adding the correct DevEUI number to the platform. If using a QR or Barcode reader to read the number, confirm visually the numbers match. Contact Spark IoT Suport Desk for further assistance.

If your gateway is unable to connect to Spark 4G network, check our Outages Map for 4G outages in your area. See the map

If there are no known outages, contact Spark IoT Suport Desk for further assistance.