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Troubleshoot: Using IoT Bridge

  • Have you received your account confirmation email? Check your mailbox and the Spam/Junk folder for an email asking you to click to confirm your access, and follow the instructions in the email.
  • Contact your IoT Bridge admin and ask them to check if you are set up as IoT Bridge user.
  • Please check that your "caps lock" is off, and that you are entering the correct login details.
  • Check your user account details and confirm that your mobile number entered on the IoT Bridge platform is correct
  • Check the settings for the specific alert you are expecting to receive and make sure that you're listed as a contact for this alert, and that the TXT alert option is enabled
  • Check the Device Insights page for the device in question, with the alert mapped out on the chart. Has it been triggered? If alert hasn’t been triggered, review and adjust the alert settings.