IoT and critical comms — when the message must get through

Accidents and natural disasters don’t confine themselves to areas with good network coverage — they can happen anywhere, any time. IoT devices can operate across the land, air and seas of Aotearoa, connecting emergency responders and citizens with the information they need to stay safe. Read more about IoT monitoring for natural disasters

Tracking responders in even the most remote locations 

Industrial IoT routers can provide emergency responders with ‘always on’ information, allow for tracking people and their vehicles, as well as enabling real-time emergency communications and public safety information. Cellular and WiFi antenna systems excel in public safety applications, mission-critical communications and mobile healthcare. A few examples of routers include the R1900 Series Router from Cradlepoint, the Airlink XR90 from Sierra Wireless and the MAX BR2 Pro 5G from Peplink — all offering different capabilities, depending on requirements. Learn more about Sierra Wireless routers     

IoT gateways like these keep the channels of communication open, even when there has been a power cut. When part of a network is down, a strong antenna can reach a distant tower and provide a connection. They are built with durability and reliability in mind; they can work in areas with low network coverage because they operate across a combination of connections. Both Hato Hone St John and The Lines Company rely on Spark’s IoT expertise to help them deliver outstanding service in remote locations.  

Attentis devices monitor environmental conditions in real-time 

An Attentis device can feed information to emergency services, councils and health services about what’s happening in the environment — all in real-time. Learn more about Attentis solutions

The intelligent sensors can track: 

  • air quality
  • weather
  • noise
  • flames
  • water quality
  • ground and structural movement

The devices can send through live images, high-definition videos and thermal imaging to a dashboard or provide instant alerts to emergency services. This means that critical questions can be answered, such as, "is the air quality safe enough for us return to the area?", "is the water quality high enough to drink?" or "has the earth stopped shaking?"   

Environmental sensors operate across the Spark network, providing vital data to the organisations that need it most urgently. Local agencies and emergency services can then send messages directly to local residents, telling them about what’s happening and providing updates and warnings.

Attentis devices also allow for early detection of wildfires, and has recently proven its credentials in Australia where early notifications allowed firefighters to put out a reignited bushfire before it got out of hand.  Read more about Attentis fire detection sensors

Glenn Pröbstl, Operations Manager for the Country Fire Authority, said "the ability to monitor weather for fire operations and pollution for fire fighter and community health was a huge advantage over previous campaigns."

A communication lifeline when you need it 

In an emergency, the right information is critical for saving lives and preventing harm. IoT can be an essential tool in providing information, maintaining open lines of communication and keeping people safe. Spark is working with emergency services, the Public Safety Network and other organisations to help protect the people, wildlife and places of Aotearoa.    

Learn more about the potential of Spark’s IoT solutions, or talk to one of our IoT team to find out how IoT and AI could help your organisation detect problems sooner and manage them more effectively.  

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