Track anything from small freight to earth movers

Knowing where your assets are and how they are used is key to running an efficient business. Spark IoT Asset Tracking makes asset management easy, fast and proactive. Instead of chasing after assets and endless phone calls, you can focus on the things that really matter to your business.

Our IoT Asset Tracking solution includes options for both non-powered and powered assets. You can pick and choose based on your exact business needs. Whether it’s to simply pinpoint where your assets are or to get visibility of how your assets are being used – even down to cumulative hours and minutes of operation. It’s an advantage no business should be without.


How it works

Connected to Spark’s reliable IoT networks, our range of GPS-ready devices can be securely fixed to your assets. Business administrators can then access a range of features through a simple dashboard, such as asset location and use, as well as to set geo-fence alerts and more.

Connect with us

Digitise operations

Monitor remotely, and automate reporting and movement notifications.

Save time

Spend less time tracking assets and locating misplaced or lost equipment.

Optimise use

Make better use of existing assets, and buy only equipment you actually need.

Examples of assets we track

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Customer stories and resources


Real-time data to fuel innovation

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Fleet tracking

Our Fleet tracking solution is flexible, scalable and easy to manage, and could help create genuine cost savings and insights for your business.

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Launch & Announcement

8th March

Applications open

15th March to 28th June

Finalists Announced

27th July

Judging Starts

26th August

Winners Announced

4th September

Funding and the 5G Co-Lab testing

September to October

Winners fly to New York


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