What is Connected Mobility?

Connected Mobility gives you better visibility and control of your machine-to-machine (M2M) deployments. It's a cloud-based automation and management solution from Spark. With Connected Mobility you can harness the power of the internet of things (IoT).

Here's what you'll get with Connected Mobility from Spark NZ:

  • Ability to manage the life cycle of your connected mobile devices

  • Access to an online self-service centre where you can control devices, connectivity and operations

  • Real-time monitoring and insights about your connected devices and their data usage

Connected Mobility from Spark bundles the cost of your SIMs, specific mobile data requirements and the online self-service platform into one solution. Keep reading for benefits and features of Connected Mobility.

Benefits of Connected Mobility

Optimise mobile data usage, increase service reliability, decrease operational costs, and support and scale device deployments as needed.

Better control

Set up automation rules in the online self-service platform and see real-time diagnostics

Scale up or down

Plan your M2M deployments and predict costs by scaling operations up and down as needed

Reduce costs

Lower costs by eliminating manual processes and catching problems as soon as they happen

Key Features:

Our Cisco-powered online self-service platform underpins Connected Mobility. The platform is designed to help businesses start, manage and/or monetise connected device enterprises.
Here's what you can do with the Spark Control Centre:

Automated lifecycle management

Customise provisioning and device deployment process to match your unique supply chain process.

Real time diagnostics

Use the Diagnostics Wizard to fix problems related to network connectivity; you don't need to be network savvy to monitor, diagnose and correct common problems.

Business process automation

Use the Automation Engine, a visual tool to set up detailed automation rules.


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Get a free IoT Starter Kit

Get a free IoT Starter Kit for Connected Mobility from Spark. It includes five SIMs with 50MB per month and 50 NZ text messages, and full access to the online platform. Test in real time with diagnostics and troubleshooting. Get help with expert support, developer tools and documentation.

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