Breathe better with Spark Indoor Air Quality Monitoring 

Covid-19 reshaped our attitudes to how and where we work. Creating optimal conditions to help people stay well and perform at their best is becoming increasingly important to all of us. Poor air quality in offices, homes and retail stores can cause issues, both for the health of employees, employers as well as customers.

Spark IoT through its partnership with AirSuite, leaders in Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, have come together to provide a comprehensive indoor air quality monitoring solution for New Zealand organisations. Combining Spark’s extensive IoT network coverage, IoT Bridge Management console and AirSuite’s trusted sensor technology and in-depth knowledge, organisations now have access to a proven environmental monitoring solution that is easy to install and backed by local experts.


Benefits include:

Simple control

Monitor the health and performance of a single building or an entire real estate network from one central management console.

Optimised environments

Powerful analytics ensure optimal environmental conditions. Additional advisory services available to deliver tailored recommendations and drive further gains.

Trusted technology

AirSuite sensors are trusted by some of New Zealand’s most important government agenciess and commercial organisations.

AirSuite Indoor Air Monitoring features 

  • Available in two models, AirSuite Glance and AirSuite Sense 
  • Easy to install, rapidly deploy large fleets of sensors  
  • Standard wall mount or hard-wired permanent install
  • Measures CO2, Humidity, Temperature, Volatile Organic Compounds, Air Pressure, Particulate, Lighting and Occupancy 
  • Automatic wireless connection to the Spark Network on Cat M1 and NB-IoT. View information about the 3G shutdown
  • Over 24 hours of on-device data retention
  • 5-year long life battery or 5V DC Micro USB
  • Suitable for usage across a wide range of industries such commercial offices, retail health and aged care facilities

AirSuite Sense

Recommended for schools and early childhood centres.

AirSuite Glance

Recommended primarily for commercial environments.

image of AirSuite Senseimage of AirSuite Glance

Customer resources

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