Data is now the most valuable commodity in the world. Where guesswork and instinct once was the basis of successful business, it is now possible to measure almost anything and report the essential information in real time, from anywhere in the world.

Learn how sensor-based automation could provide solutions to many of our business and environmental problems, both in NZ and globally. It is also important to understand that while good sensors connected via the IoT can provide immediate actionable data, understanding patterns and developing solutions can take longer depending on the situation.

Ulrich Frerk founder & technical director of Adroit will discuss examples from aquaculture, farming and city-planning to show what can be achieved with the right sensors, in the right places, for businesses and communities.

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About Ulrich Frerk

Ulrich Frerk is one of New Zealand’s leading innovators in the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace, working at the cutting edge of automated technology, and real-time monitoring for business, farming and aquaculture.

He started his career working on Smart Home automation and solutions before launching his own business Adroit seven years ago, which is now a leader in clean water management and sensor-based business applications.

Ulrich is also a sought-after speaker on technology, connectivity and futurism.

Adroit is a Spark IoT partner.

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