Traditional building practices often fall short with a lack of visibility of the supply chain and manual processes, which leads to increased costs, inefficiency, and loss of
productivity. There is a need for a smarter approach.

Imagine a connected construction site where communication and information flows between stakeholders via a single connected information model. Imagine real-time site monitoring providing visibility into every aspect of the construction process. Imagine time-consuming manual processes move to the digital realm for easier access and shareability. On this smarter connected construction site things work more efficiently, more safely and with less impact on the planet.

Join David Burton of asBuilt on this interactive Webinar as he discusses why the need for a smarter approach, what digitisation looks like and the benefits, as well as Digital Twin Technology.

Watch the video with David Burton

This webinar was recorded on Thursday 4 June


About David Burton

CEO of asBUILT Digital Limited

David's background of growing up in construction and having various construction delivery roles ensures a detailed understanding of the problems the industry faces.

David believes making information available and visible in real time through digital twin technologies will connect a fragmented supply chain and help the industry to work together, to become more productive and deliver projects with greater confidence.

asBuilt digitise hospitals, stadiums, construction sites, airports and even complex manufacturing plants for clients who value harnessing the power of a digital twin of their built asset(s).

As digital engineering experts and software developers, asBuilt help project stakeholders and asset owners connect their supply chain to ONE source of digital truth. And as a result; shift from ‘silo’ to ‘flow’.

Spark and asBuilt have partnered on a number of IoT trials.  

This webinar was recorded on 4 June 2020.


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