Move with Spark

When you move house, you often find that your to-do list grows. From hiring a moving company to sorting through your possessions, the end result can be an overwhemling list of jobs. To help your move go smoothly, we've pulled together a moving house essential checklist.

If you're joining Spark or are an existing broadband customer, let us know your new address and we’ll make sure your Spark broadband is moved to your new home with minimum hassle. Get started with moving broadband

Before you move

  • Contact us at least 2 weeks before moving day to arrange for your broadband to be moved to your new address. This will give the best chance of having your new connection ready at your next address.
  • Check with your insurance company that your possessions are covered during the move.
  • Notify providers of your new address and consider setting up a redirect service with New Zealand Post. Set up redirect service
  • Contact your power and gas company to arrange moving services. 
  • Start packing your non-essential items. Make a plan for packing the remaining items so you aren't packing at the last minute. 
  • If you have children who are moving to a new school, request for their old school to transfer their records.
  • Order a Spark Smart Mesh 2 to expand the WiFi coverage in your home so you can stay connected. Learn about Spark Smart Mesh 2
  • Ensure your new home is secure.  Keep your home monitored day and night with a 130° viewing angle. Plus, get security coverage to your premises with an Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera. Order an Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera - 2 Camera Kit
  • Contact the real estate agent or the landlord of your new home and ask them to leave a list of special instructions. This might be alarm codes, or any heating and cooling instructions. 
  • As you pack, make a list of the amount of boxes you have and the items you're moving. This will be helpful when you move into your new home to check for misplaced items. 
  • Start disassembling furniture and remember to keep detachable parts in a labelled bag with the furniture. 
  • Make a list of any special instructions for the people moving into your house. 

On moving day

  • The night before you move, pack a box of essentials for the first night and the following day. Essentials may be a modem, kettle, toaster, a bag of clothing, toiletries and some food. 
  • Take a final electricity and water meter reading so you can verify your bill later. 
  • Do a final sweep of the house to make sure you don't leave anything behind. Check storage cupboards and sheds. 
  • At your new home, check that everything is in working order and meets the needs of your rental or purchase agreement. 
  • If you're moving into a rental property, make a note and take photographs of any existing damage. Send this to your landlord so that you can avoid losing your bond when you move out. 
  • Take a reading of the electricity, gas and water meters at your new property. 
  • Plug in your modem in your new home. Be aware that the set up might be a little different depending on the connection available. See our handy diagram below for information on setting up your modem at your new address.