McAfee® Parental Controls help filter offensive content, pictures and websites. Simple, age-specific controls allow you to simply and easily restrict access to content that may be harmful to children and there are tools to time-limit their online activity too.

Spark Security Suite can help you keep your family safe online with applications that can:

  1. Ask for your permission before personally identifiable information (eg. PINs, bank accounts and family names) are sent from your computer
  2. Allow you to Configure Parental Controls for younger members of the household
  3. Limit the time that certain users can access the internet - Setting Web Browsing Time Limits

With that said, there are a lot of people and places online that could be considered a threat to the safety of your children. While the Spark Security Suite can help, we recommend that you monitor what your children are doing online to ensure they are not putting themselves at risk.

Spark Security Suite can protect your personal information by stopping or warning you before any personal information (such passwords or account details) are sent from the computer. The privacy controls also help prevent information being gathered from your web browsing history.

Yes you can, but you'll need a separate licence for each computer that you want to protect. For example, if you have a desktop PC and a laptop, you would need two licenses. The Spark Security Suite is designed primarily for home users and small businesses, offering up to five licenses.

How do I sign up for additional Spark Security Suite licenses?

Spark Security Suite Installation will automatically update its virus protection at regular intervals although you can change this setting. By default, Spark Security Suite updates when a new virus is detected by McAfee.

The anti-virus software has been configured to automatically check for updates every four hours when you are online, or as soon as you are connected to the Internet.

Yes, you can turn automatic updates off, but we strongly recommend you don't. If you want to change this setting (not recommended), follow the guide for Configuring Automatic Updates. If your anti-virus software is not up to date, you will not have the full protection against the latest online threats.

Yes, as with all other Internet traffic, updates to the Spark Security Suite will count towards your monthly data or time allowance.

Sorry, no. So we know you are getting the most up to date version, it's only available online.

If the standard method of uninstalling your existing security suite is unsuccessful, we recommend you visit the manufacturer's web site and search for an un-installation tool.

Some common security suites and their websites are:

Open the McAfee Security Center by double-clicking the M in the system tray. The four areas will be listed on the main page:

  • Realtime Scanning
  • Updates
  • Firewall
  • Subscription

Each area will have the status: On, Current or Active. The Security Center is also a compulsory component - it is installed by default. If the McAfee installer detects a third party firewall, the Spark Security Suite firewall may not be installed.

While we don't recommend turning the Scanning or Firewall off for any length of time, it is sometimes necessary if you are trouble-shooting. your internet connection or email issues. See the User Guide - Enable / Disable the TSS Anti-Virus & Firewall.