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My Favourites for your home phone

Choose the friends and family you'd like to talk to most and make unlimited calls, (up to 2 hours per call) to a home phone or Spark mobile - any time, day or night.

Each My Favourites number you add to your landline is $6. You can have a maximum of 3 My Favourites on your home phone.

How do I get My Favourites on my home phone?

Easy, simply complete the online form or call us on 0800 800 123.

Order My Favourites

Changing your numbers

The simplest thing is to use our online form to manage your My Favourites selections: you can add, change or remove numbers.

The price of My Favourites is...

You can call up to three New Zealand landline or Spark mobile numbers any time you want as often as you want, for just $6 per number per month (maximum of 3 per line). Calls are capped at 2 hours. After the 2 hour calling cap your usual call charges will apply.

What else you should know...

My Favourites can be added to most Spark landline products and packages.

My Favourites doesn't include calling cards, 059 or 0900 calls, international roaming or return calls from your chosen numbers to your landline. Texts, picture messages, video calls and MMS are also excluded.

Read the My Favourites terms and conditions

Need some help?

Call us on 0800 800 123, Monday-Sunday, 8am-8pm.