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Our phone services let you customise your phone to suit your
priorities. You can add them individually, or with Smartpack, we
bring three of these great services together in an offer that suits
your needs and wallet.

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Inbound Calling


Make sure your phone gets answered even when you’re not around. Voicemail plays callers a greeting (which you can pre-record) and lets them leave a message - which you can listen to when it suits you. Pretty simple. Very useful.

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Caller Display

With Caller Display, you see the phone number of the person calling you before you answer. Really handy if you’re waiting for an important call or don’t want to be disturbed unless it’s urgent.

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Call Waiting

If you’re already on the phone, it's good to know when someone else is trying to reach you. Call Waiting tells you if another call is coming in with 4 helpful beeps. You can then answer it, or just stick with the call you’re on.

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Call Diversion

With Call Diversion you can divert your home phone to another phone while you're out. So wherever you are, you still pick up all your calls. And it doesn’t just have to be another landline – you can forward calls to a mobile as well.

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Outbound Calling

Hide your number

If you’d rather keep your number private, it’s easy to hide. And it’s free. Just order Hide Your Number online and you’re good to go. You can choose to withhold your number on every call, or just some calls. All up to you.

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3-way calling

With 3-Way Calling you can bring people from three different locations together on the same phone call. It’s great for family get-togethers, catching up with mates or mini-conference calls. And you can do it all from a touchtone phone.

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Call Barring

Setting up a call bar is a simple way to manage the chargeable calls that get made from your phone. You can stop calls outside your calling area, 0900 services or mobile calls that get made from your home phone.

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Phone and fax machine on the same line? With Faxability there’s no confusion about where a call is heading. Your fax machine not only gets its own number – it also get’s a special ring tone. So you know immediately who the call is for.

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You don’t want be next to your fax machine all the time. And with FaxAddress, you don’t need to be. It redirects faxes to print on a fax machine near wherever you are, or forwards urgent faxes to friends, family and businesses.

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With Hotline you can raise the alarm simply by taking your phone off the hook. It's a great service for those who need care, or live on their own. All you do is choose a relative or friend to receive your Hotline directed calls.

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Hook up two different numbers on the same phone line. You can use one for home calls and the other as a work or fax number. Or as different public and private numbers. No flash equipment required – a standard phone can do it all.

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Will my monitored / medical alarm work with fibre?

Fibre’s a new technology. That means we can’t be totally sure devices like these will work over a fibre phone line.

If you do use a monitored security alarm or a medical alert alarm, it’s best to check with the manufacturer to see if it will run on fibre, or if you will need to upgrade.

And if you do get fibre installed, we recommend that you arrange to have an alarm service technician show up at the same time as your fibre installation to make sure everything is working as it should.

What’s ‘integrated wiring’ and why would I need it?

The standard fibre installation includes one phone jack on your Fibre phone box (what the techies call the Optical Network Termination or ONT).

So if you have several other jackpoints in different rooms and want to keep using them, you’ll need extra wiring to connect the copper wires you have in your wall to the Fibre phone box.

That’s what integrated wiring is for – so make sure you ask for it when you sign up for fibre.

Integrated wiring is also a must if you have a monitored alarm or you use Sky on demand.

If the power goes out, will my phone and broadband still work?

No. Put simply, without power neither a phone or broadband that uses fibre will work. If it’s important that you stay connected, it’s a good idea to get an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). We’d recommend the systems from Infortek NZ. Go to for more information or to order or call 0800 215 296

Are there any other services that I can’t use with a Fibre phone connection?

Yes. there are a few that don’t work with fibre:

  • Home 0800
  • Call Track
  • Hotline
  • Unlimited
  • Talk it up neighbouring area
  • Non-code access (NCA). That means won’t be able to use another company to make your toll calls and any toll calls you do make will be charged to your Spark account.

If any of these services are essential to you, we’d recommend you choose our Naked Fibre service and pay for a copper phone line so you can keep using them.

Can I buy a fibre phone connection on its own?

No, sorry. If you already have a working copper phone line you’ll need to stick with that - you can’t just buy a fibre phone connection instead.

You can only buy a fibre phone connection if:

  • You live in an area where there are no copper phone lines
  • Your home already has fibre installed. If you want a standard copper phone connection as well that’s no problem. Just be aware that you could be charged to get it running again.

Can I keep my old copper phone line connection?

Yes, you can. You can keep using the old copper phone line to make calls and use fibre for your broadband. Just be aware that you’ll be charged separately for each service – it’s not available as a package.

Are any ‘smart’ features available with a fibre phone connection?

Yes – plenty. You can choose the ones you need from the feature packs below:

Pack Name:

Included Features

Talker Feature Pack

Connector Feature Pack



$4 per month

$10 per month

Feature names:


All of the included features, plus:

All features in the Talker Feature Pack, plus:


Caller Display

Call Barring



Automatic Call Back

Caller Blocking

Dual Number


Last Number Redial

Call Diversion

Distinctive Ring


Directory Listing

Call Waiting

Simultaneous Ring


Hide My Number

3-Way Calling



Call Diversion - unreachable



The services are easy to manage – you can do it all online, either using MySpark or via the Feature Access Codes (FACs) on your phone handsets.

Will my normal (analogue) phone work with Fibre?

Yep. Any phone that has the Telepermit sticker on it should work just fine with Fibre.

Will my Fax, Sky box, Eftpos machine (etc) work?

While we can’t guarantee it will all be trouble free, the testing we have done shows most devices will work just fine using a fibre connection.

That said, we know that some Sky boxes don’t reliably make calls if they are being used for on-demand services like SkyBet or Sky Box Office. This is down to the limitations of particular sky decoder models, not because of any problem with Spark’s network.

So if on demand services are important for you, please get in touch with Sky to see what alternative decoder boxes they have available.