Two numbers on one phone line.

Get two different numbers on the same phone line. You can use one for home calls and the other as a work or fax number. Or give them out as different public and private numbers. No flash equipment is needed, a standard phone can do it all.

If you have voicemail or call diversion activated on your main number, other people can still contact you on your Dual Number. Or you can use your Dual Number for faxes and the main number for calls. That way you'll never miss a fax or risk having it corrupted.

Your main number and your Dual Number use the same phone line, so you won’t be able to use both numbers at the same time.  

Dual Number on a Fibre landline

Dual Number is available in the Connector feature pack for Fibre landline.  

Fibre landline feature packs

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Dual Number on a copper landline