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Send faxes to wherever you need them

You don't want be next to your fax machine all the time. And with FaxAddress, you don't need to be. It redirects faxes to print on a fax machine near wherever you are, or forwards urgent faxes to friends, family and businesses.

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  • FaxAddress

This product is not available on a Fibre based landline.

This product is not available on Wireless Broadband or Wireless Landline.

The Nitty Gritty

FaxAddress receives and stores your faxes for you. It will then let you know that you have faxes waiting.

All you need to do is tell FaxAddress which fax machine or compatible PC to send the fax to. The time and your location don’t matter - even if you’re overseas.

You can also get your faxes if you don't have the number of the receiving machine. Just call your mailbox from that fax machine and FaxAddress will automatically recognise the connection and send faxes through.

It's easy to prioritise and organise your faxes because FaxAddress lists the fax number, date and time each fax is received and whether or not they are marked 'urgent'.

Worth noting: FaxAddress costs $35.00 to set up. After that you’ll pay a monthly charge of $9.99, plus 39 cents a page for every fax you receive.

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  • Spark requires 30 days' notice of cancellation of this Smartphone service. This means the usual charges will continue to apply for 30 days after the date you cancel your service, even if it is disconnected within that period.
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