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Make a fast call for help

With Hotline you can raise the alarm simply by taking your phone off the hook. It's great service for those who need care, or live on their own. All you do is choose a relative or friend to receive your Hotline directed calls.

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  • Hotline

This product is not available on a Fibre based landline.

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The Nitty Gritty

To activate your Hotline, just take your phone off the hook. Your Hotline family member, friend or neighbour will be automatically called.

  • Hotline requires a touchtone phone and is available in most areas.
  • Spark requires 30 days' notice of cancellation of this Smartphone service. This means the usual charges will continue to apply for 30 days after the date you cancel your service, even if it is disconnected within that period.
  • Please note that in some cases this service may not be available or is limited due to network constraints and incompatibility with other products and services.
  • Normal local, national, mobile or international call charges will apply.
  • Note: remember, when you're making normal calls, that you need to dial out within eight seconds of lifting the handset or you could accidentally activate Hotline.