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Change Home Phone Plan

We've changed our calling plans to offer great new deals to connect all New Zealanders. If you're a current Spark customer, it's easy to change to any of our new calling plans. All you need to do is fill in our easy online form.

New home phone plans

These four new plans are available to all customers


Home Phone & Everyday Local calling


Home Phone & Weekend National calling


Home Phone & Weekend National and Mobile calling


Home Phone & Everyday National calling

*The prices stated are for most of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch suburbs. For all other areas add $3.50. This price difference reflects a number of factors associated with bringing certain services to different areas, such as population, infrastructure and competitive activity. View a map for more detail.


Want to change your plan?

It's simple to upgrade to a new plan with our online form.

Change your plan

What else you should know...

If you have Talk it Up, My Favourites, Unlimited or Smart Phone services on your account and they're the same price or cheaper on your new plan, we'll move them over automatically. Since the pricing of these options does vary, we’ll get in touch if they’re likely to cost you any extra.

If you're happy with the Spark plan or package you have now, you're welcome to stay with it for now and move over to a new plan at any time. But, once you move to a new package or plan you won't be able to go back to your old one. However, if you are on one of our older home phone plans, such as Total Home, you can add data or change additional calling plans such as Talk It Up, for now, but we recommend you take a look at our new plans before choosing enhancements to your current package.