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Wiring Maintenance

Over time, the wiring in your residential home or business can experience wear and tear, and occasionally it may need repairing. To do this, you'll need someone qualified such as an electrician or Spark technician to come and fix your wiring.

For a small monthly fee, you can sign up to our Wiring Maintenance service so that if something does go wrong with your internal wiring or sockets, we'll cover the cost of parts and labour for the repair.

If you have a second line...

If you have more than one phone line at your property and require each line to also be covered then an additional Wiring Maintenance service fee must be paid for each phone line you want to have covered.

Wiring Maintenance is optional...

You can sign up for this service whenever you want, here's what you need to know:

  1. For a small fee of $4.95 per month Spark can arrange for a qualified telecommunications technician to come to your premises and repair your internal wiring or socket faults. As part of the Wiring Maintenance service, cost of parts and labour for the repair is covered by Spark.
  2. If you don't have Spark's Wiring Maintenance service you will be responsible for the repairs yourself. This means that if any repairs are needed, you can arrange for an outside company (for example an electrician) to carry out the work. Alternatively, you can ask Spark to organise for a telecommunications technician to visit your premises and any applicable charges will be billed to your Spark account.

What does Wiring Maintenance cover?

This optional service covers the cost of on-site repairs to faulty Spark compliant internal wiring and sockets for voice and some broadband services at your premises, including:

  • Interference on your phone line or the line not working.
  • Broadband faults such as frequent disconnections to the broadband service or a loss of broadband connection.
  • Internal wall wiring including copper wiring (BT), Ethernet cabling (Cat6 and Cat5) and RJ45 sockets.
  • If after install a splitter becomes faulty the cost of repair or replacement will be covered.

What doesn't Wiring Maintenance cover?

  • Wiring from the jackpoint inside the premises, this includes wiring connecting your devices such as modems and computers.
  • Changes that are not related to a fault, such as moving, adding or changing sockets.
  • Repairs to wiring or sockets that have not been installed to Spark specifications PTC 101 (Spark Permit to Connect: General Conditions) and PTC 103 (Spark Code of Practice for Residential-Type Customer Premises Wiring). Detailed information on PTC Specifications can be found on the Access Standards Website.
  • External cabling between your premises and another building on your property.
  • Customers with wiring damage caused by natural disasters. This is usually covered by insurance policies.
  • Repairing damage caused by building alterations, refurbishments, animals (including rodents), insects or vandalism.
  • Faults proven to be a result of a customer's equipment such as telephone handset, DSL filters, patch cords or broadband modems. Any upgrades to old wiring where ADSL signals cause interference to the customer's radio and any upgrades required for fibre or other technology suitability.
  • Set-up of a new broadband connection and wiring at a new or existing premise. Please refer to Modem and Setup for pricing information.
  • The purchase and installation of a splitter.
  • Broadband performance issues are not covered under this product.  For more information on these types of faults please refer to the Broadband Terms and Conditions.

What would I be charged for repairing a wiring fault if I don’t have Wiring Maintenance?

Where you require a telecommunications technician to investigate the cause of the problem and to repair the cause once found, you will be charged a Diagnostic fee which is $139.45 (including GST). Any work required will incur labour charges at $25.30 (including GST) per 15 minutes, plus the cost of any materials.

How do I get Wiring Maintenance?

Home customers call us on 123
Business customers call us on 126

What if I don't need Wiring Maintenance?

If you no longer require this service, you can cancel online or call us on 123 for home customers or 126 for business customers.

Please note, if the service is not taken at the time of installing a new broadband or land line connection there is a 30 day stand down period.