Set up a data cap for your mobile | Spark NZ

Manage your data with Smart Caps

Keep using your mobile for the cool stuff. You won't need to worry about the cost.

Managing data while in NZ

The majority of our Mobile plans are set to $100 by default, so you will be charged casual rates if you go over your data allowance.

You can check and manage your smart cap by logging into our website, or via the Spark Mobile App.

When you enter casual rates for data, we'll let you know via text. You can reset a Data Cap at this time if you want to.

Keeping on top of data costs while overseas

Keep using your mobile while overseas while keeping costs down. We've got you covered with Roaming Data Caps, find out how they work here.

And if you decide you want more data it's easy and free to bump up your cap anytime you like.

Want more info on how Data Caps work? and how to set one up?

Find out how to set up your Data Caps here.

Want to check how much data you are using?

Check out our Spark app so you can check how much data you are using for free, anytime and check out Tech in a Sec for tips on how to manage your data.