Use smart tools to manage your mobile data | Spark NZ


4G is very fast. We want you to use it heaps – that’s the fun bit, right?

But we don’t want you stressing over data usage and cost.
So there are plenty of smart online tools you can use to check your usage, cap it at a certain limit, or buy more if you need to.




Spark app

Keep track of your data usage and everything else.

Download our free smartphone app and find all you need to know about your mobile plan, right at your fingertips.

You can also use the app to top up your Prepaid mobile and buy more data if you want it.

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Smart Caps

All our new Ultra mobile plans come with data caps.

You can use them to control how much data you use – here and overseas. We can also send you alerts so you know how things stand. Keep doing the cool stuff without worrying about the cost.

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Free Wifi

All Spark mobile customers can use Spark's free WiFi.

You get 1GB every day. That’s heaps and it’s a meaty boost to the mobile data you already get each month. Plus, you can get online at over 1000+ WiFi zones nationwide.

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Change it up.

Need more data to keep doing what you’re doing? Jumping to another Ultra Pay Monthly Plan or Ultra Prepaid Package is easy. And you can do it all from your mobile.