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The internet is still run on a binary system that hasn't changed since the 1950s. If you identify beyond the gender binary of male or female, you may feel invisible in your experiences online. Beyond Binary Code changes that.

In a 2021 gender data survey of non-binary participants conducted in partnership with OutLine, over 84% of respondents felt often or always misrepresented when sharing their gender information online with a business or organisation.

As New Zealand's largest telecommunications and digital services provider, we have the opportunity to help Kiwis build better relationships with their data, starting with gender representation.

Beyond Binary Code aims to help businesses reevaluate if, when and how they ask for gender data. First by assessing if capturing gender data is even necessary, and if it is, generating an HTML code that can be added to their website to make forms and fields more gender inclusive.

The code also includes supporting materials that help businesses apply good data privacy practices, get company buy-in and create change within your organisation.

Beyond Binary Code is proudly driven by Spark with the help of our partner, rainbow mental health organisation, OutLine.

Let's help build a more inclusive internet together.

Our journey with rainbow
organisation OutLine

OutLine is a rainbow mental health organisation that provides support to rainbow and non-binary communities and their friends and whānau.

Spark has been a proud partner with OutLine since 2017 as part of our commitment to continually evolving our diverse and inclusive workplace. From involvement in Pride to campaigns that support the rainbow communities, our partnership with OutLine has helped us to develop a D&I journey that we're proud of.

When Beyond Binary Code came to life, we immediately sought OutLine's guidance. OutLine's team was consulted in all parts of the initiative, from the code creation to the building of educational resources.

OutLine provides a range of services including:

  • Free and confidential 0800 support line and online instant-messaging chat services - where you speak to a trained volunteer from rainbow communities.
  • Counselling with professionally qualified counsellors who specialise in LGBTIQ+/rainbow-affirming counselling.
  • Transgender Peer Support Service for transgender, non-binary and gender diverse Aucklanders and their whānau.

Together, we're excited to launch Beyond Binary Code to help businesses around Aotearoa create inclusive experiences for all New Zealanders.

Any questions?

Does the code work on all website platforms?

Beyond Binary Code is generic code that can be integrated into your stack and configuration. It's best-practice code for standard HTML and common CMS platforms, and can be adjusted to fit legacy systems or complicated stacks, depending on your organisation's nuances and obligations.

Where did the recommendations in the code builder come from?

The recommendations made in the Beyond Binary Code tool have been co-created with non-binary communities and have taken into account best practices laid out by a range of sources from reputable organisations including OutLine, Stats NZ, NZ Human Rights Commission, Australian Human Rights Commission, Te Ngākau Kahukura and many others.

We will continue to consult with our partners at OutLine and non-binary communities and will update the code as and when best practice changes. We invite you to submit feedback to as we know this is an iterative programme of work.

Can I be sure this code is right for my business?

Downloading the code and adding it to your website is the first step towards becoming more inclusive. But every business is different and you may need to adjust the code to suit your specific needs, i.e. incorporating the right data privacy principles for your business. Refer to the Data Privacy Guide in your Beyond Binary Code pack to find out how data privacy impacts your unique obligations.

The information provided in this site is general in nature and intended as a guide to help you begin thinking about your privacy practices. We encourage you to seek independent legal or privacy guidance, and connect with rainbow or transgender organisations to create a plan for change.

Are you tracking my data right now?

We use Google Analytics on the Beyond Binary Code website, which gives us insight into behaviour information on an anonymous and aggregate level. It also tracks your activity across the Beyond Binary Code website. This will help us to understand browsing behaviour to give you a better experience whilst visiting our site.

Does Spark collect gender data from their customers?

No, we don't collect gender from our customers. To understand more about how we collect, use and protect personal information, check out our privacy policy here:

I have further questions or feedback about Beyond Binary Code. Who can I contact?

Please send us a message at