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Downloading the code is the first step to creating a more inclusive internet. But every organisation is different, and in different stages of their beyond binary journey. Below are helpful resources to help you get company buy-in, implement good data privacy practices and more.

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Get buy-in with this pre-made Beyond Binary Presentation Kit

Some organisations, especially larger ones, may require stakeholder buy-in or assistance getting the right people onboard to implement change. The Beyond Binary Presentation helps articulate why inclusivity is good for customers, employees and the health of your business.

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How data privacy principles affect your business obligations

Data privacy principles are not one size fits all for organisations. This guide can help you understand how data privacy impacts your unique obligations to ensure people you interact with feel safe.

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How to add Beyond Binary Code to your business website

Small and medium sized businesses don’t always have the IT resource or go-to developer to implement code changes. We’ve gathered tips to help you add Beyond Binary Code and its recommendations to your business website.