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spark Paging Coverage

Our paging Network covers most places where New Zealanders live and work.

New Zealand has one of the most beautiful environments in the world, and we're as proud of it as you are. Our unique geography, including the hills and water and large empty spaces, does create some challenges for pager signal reception, though.

So we've taken the terrain and the locations of our transmitters into account and created a map of how far our Paging Network reaches. Enter your location, or use the map to zoom.

All this information is just a visual guide to the Flex and POCSAG coverage areas for our Paging Network. There are many things that can affect a pager signal and the services of our Paging Network, including the local geography, surroundings, and buildings.

Here's how to read the map

Good coverage

This is where our coverage is at its strongest. Pagers should receive messages anywhere, even indoors or in built-up areas.

Fair coverage

Pagers are designed to receive signals best when clipped to your waist. For the most reliable service in these areas ensure you wear your pager correctly. You might be better to use your pager outdoors.

Limited coverage

You should still be able to get signal in these areas when worn correctly. If you can't, try taking your pager outdoor and if you're on the water you'll get a better signal if you're on deck.