What does good screen time look like in your household?

The World Health Organisation states that children aged 5–18 should have no more than two hours of unstructured screen time a day. This is however a guideline and you need to assess what best fits your family. There may be times when you feel more than two hours is warranted or less is more appropriate; that is your call as parents. As long as you do feel that it is your call and that your children listen to your advice and respond to your guidance about screen use.

The most important factor is balance – making sure that your child has access to a wide range of activities that they enjoy, and that screen time doesn’t stop them from doing other things that make up a happy and healthy childhood. Screens and screen time is not bad, technology is just a tool. It is how we use that tool that makes screens good or bad and it is up to us how we use them.

Changing behaviour to reduce addiction

Forming new habits takes time, especially if your child has been used to somewhat of a free tech reign. It’s going to be a mindset and behaviour change for both you and for them. I’m a parent and I know that letting my kids use screens is as much of a habit for me at times as it is for them.