Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular)

One Number

Share your mobile number with your Apple Watch with One Number from Spark.

Make calls and texts straight from your watch without your phone nearby* – stay connected wherever you are.

For just $12.99 a month, the One Number Wearable Plan lets you share your primary plan’s minutes and texts and get unlimited data** on the watch. So you never have to worry about running out.

Plus, sign up before 6 June 2020 and you’ll get the first three months of your plan on us.

Apple Watch Series 3 and 4

You can connect Series 3 and 4 Apple Watches with the One Number Wearable Plan, as long as your watch is cellular and compatible with our network.

To get set up, use the Watch app on your iPhone, or come and see us at a Spark store. How to set up One Number

What you'll need


Eligible primary phone

iPhone 6s or later with iOS 13.3 or later installed

Spark mobile plan

An eligible Spark Pay Monthly mobile plan that's active on your primary iPhone

See eligible plans

Apple Watch with cellular

Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) with watchOS 6.1.1 or later installed†

If you don't have an eligible plan, you'll need to buy one before you can get One Number. Buy a Pay Monthly mobile plan

How to activate the One Number plan


Looking for set up instructions? How to set up One Number

*You can only send and receive text messages if your iPhone is turned on and connected to a WiFi or cellular network. 

**Max speeds reduce after 40GB. No tethering or hotspots. 

†Max 2 watches per mobile line. The Spark network doesn't support models from the North American region. Learn more about bands, supported locations and carriers at

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This watch has a display that never sleeps.

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Compare Apple Watch models.


Here are some things to know about Apple Watch Series 5 and the One Number plan from Spark.

Eligible options for your primary plan

  • $29.99 1GB Rollover Plan
  • $39.99 Rollover plan
  • $39.99 2.5GB Rollover plan
  • $59.99 Rollover plan
  • $59.99 10GB Rollover plan
  • $79.99 Rollover plan
  • $99.99 Rollover plan
  • Unlimited Mobile plan ($79.99)
  • Unlimited Group plan ($99.99)
  • $29.99 Companion plan
  • $29.99 Sharer
  • Gold Basic
  • Gold Talker

Are you a Spark small business customer? See eligible Business plans

Spark terms apply. See One Number Wearable Plan terms

Spark Personal Terms, including the General Terms and Mobile and Wireless Terms, apply. See Spark Personal Terms

Three months on us offer valid when you sign up to the $12.99 One Number Wearable Plan before 6 June 2020.

Some bands are sold separately.

iPhone 6s and above with iOS 13.3 or later installed on eligible Pay Monthly mobile plan required for One Number.

If you cancel your primary mobile plan you must pay any remaining interest free payment amount in full.

  • You’ll need your MySpark login details to sign up for a One Number Wearable Plan through the Watch app. If you don’t have a MySpark account, you can set one up at
  • Make sure that your Apple Watch can connect to your iPhone, cellular or WiFi. Learn more from Apple
  • Your primary iPhone must be switched on, signed into an Apple ID and connected to the internet in order for the Apple watch cellular to receive text messages. The phone doesn’t need to be in range of the watch. iMessage will still work on your Apple Watch Cellular if your iPhone is switched off as long as you’re connected to the internet and signed in with your Apple ID.
  • ​Any calls made or texts sent on your Apple Watch over the Spark Network will count towards your mobile plan’s monthly usage and charges.
  • Roaming is not available on the Apple Watch. The Watch can still be connected via Bluetooth when in range or through WiFi if available, however, your phone must be in range.
  • Maximum of two cellular Apple Watches are able to be connected to one primary mobile.
  • WiFi calling is not yet supported by Spark.
  • Some network functionality and call quality may vary on the Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular).
  • If you cancel your primary mobile plan, the One Number functionality and One Number Wearable plan will automatically be cancelled and any interest free payments will need to be paid in full.
  • Your cellular Apple Watch will automatically switch between connections to find the most power efficient option.
    • Your Apple Watch connected via Bluetooth when in range of the iPhone, saving power. It will consume the iPhone’s call, text and data allocation (unless WiFi is being used). You can switch Bluetooth off in your Watch’s settings if you wish.
    • If Bluetooth isn’t available your Apple Watch will use WiFi if available.
    • If Bluetooth and WiFi aren’t available, the Apple Watch cellular will connect to the cellular network if switched on with an active plan.
  • Some third-party streaming apps (including Spotify) may not be fully supported by Apple Watch. Read more from Spotify
  • Features are subject to change. Some features, application and services may not be available in all regions or all languages. For a complete list, visit Apple's website

What's the difference between the Apple Watch GPS model and GPS + Cellular model?

Apple Watch models with GPS use the network connection of your nearby iPhone to make and receive calls and texts. The built-in GPS works independently of your iPhone to map distance, pace and routes during workouts.

Apple Watch models with GPS + Cellular have an eSIM, so you can connect to the Spark mobile network. This means you don’t need to be in range of your iPhone to make or receive calls or texts, or to use data to browse the internet. 

You'll need an eligible Spark Pay Monthly or Business mobile plan, plus the new $12.99 One Number Wearable Plan. 

If I bought my Apple Watch overseas, will it work in NZ?​

Some models of overseas Apple Watches will work with Spark's network. Spark NZ supports Apple Watch Series 3, 4 and 5 with LTE bands 3, 7 and UMTS 2100 MHz and 850 MHz. Learn more about bands, supported locations and carriers at

If I already have a compatible cellular Apple Watch, can I sign up for One Number without buying a new watch?

Yes, you don't need to buy an Apple Watch 5 to use One Number from Spark. You can connect your cellular-compatible Series 3 and 4 Apple Watch with the One Number Wearable Plan. Make sure you've got the latest software on your watch and your iPhone, then get set up using the Watch app on your iPhone. Or, come see us at a Spark store. How to buy the One Number Wearable Plan from Spark

How can I cancel my One Number Wearable Plan?

You can cancel your plan the same way you would cancel a regular plan. See how to cancel a plan

Are emergency calls supported on the Apple Watch?

Yes, emergency calling will work on Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular). The watch will call using your primary mobile number.

How does international emergency calling work on the Apple Watch?

You'll need a New Zealand eSIM to be able to make international emergency calls in New Zealand. Support for SIM-less emergency calls varies by country. You don't need international calling allocation to make an international emergency call, but you won't be able to alerts contacts via text message.

If I want to connect an Apple Watch with cellular to my business account number, can I pay for the One Number Wearable Plan myself?

At this time, customers who have a business account cannot add the One Number Wearable Plan to a separate account. This is because the One Number plan is billed with the primary Pay Monthly mobile plan to which it's linked. So if your phone plan is paid for by someone other than you, we're not able to add the One Number plan to your account. We recommend reaching out to the MySpark account holder of your mobile plan to find a solution. 

  • Available through selected Spark retail channels. Availability may vary by channel.
  • 12, 18 and 24 month term options available for all devices and accessories $199 and above. This total must be after any credit, promotion or upfront payment is applied.
  • In addition, 36 month option available for connectible devices, which will incur a $99 deposit if purchased in-store. Monthly instalments may differ to those advertised due to rounding. 36 month term generally excludes accessories. 
  • Interest free is only available with an active Pay Monthly or Broadband account. 
  • Interest free payments are not transferable to another person. 
  • Pay Monthly, broadband and interest free terms and credit criteria apply. 

Learn more about interest free payments