How do I get Spark's best broadband entertainment offer ever?

If you aren’t a Spark broadband customer yet, you’re eligible for this great offer. Simply click here and sign up to an unlimited home broadband plan for 12 months.

Once you're connected, you'll be able to activate Netflix and Lighbox, and add FAN PASS as $30 a month for 12 months if you want the latest sports action.

Don’t miss any of the latest shows and big games


Binge-worthy TV from Breaking Bad to Outlander, Suits to Mr Robot and hours of fun for the kids. Watch some of the workd's best TV, ad-free, on us, for the life of your plan.
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Awesome TV shows, blockbusted movies, and loads for the kids. It's endless entertainment for the whole family. Netflix is included for 6 months on a 12 month unlimited broadband plan.
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+ FAN PASS ($30)

Watch all the biggest games live online with FAN PASS powered by SKY sport inlcuding highlights on demand. You can add FAN PASS to a 12 month unlimited broadband plan once you're up and running, for only $30/month for 12 months.
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The 6 months half price offer applies to your first 6 months’ base plan charges on your Spark bill and is only available to customers who do not currently get broadband from Spark and have not had broadband with Spark within the last 90 days.

Offer applies to those joining Spark broadband on any of the following plans, either naked or with a landline, on a 12 month term:

  • Unlimited Home Broadband plans (ADSL, VDSL or Fibre)
  • 120GB or 240GB Home Wireless Broadband plan
  • 120GB or 240GB Rural Wireless Broadband plan

Non-standard install charges apply. Wireless Broadband additional data charges apply.

Offer includes free modem and standard broadband connection for Wireless, ADSL, VDSL and Fibre customers . Supplied modem is dependent on connection type. More details can be found on $14.95 modem postage fee applies.

If you leave Spark before the end of your contract, an early exit fee of $199 will apply. If you leave or downgrade your plan within the first 6 months, you will not receive any further half price credits from the date you give notice of termination. Offer subject to change without notice.

Your 6 months half price will be applied to your Spark account as a credit for 50% of your base plan charges. This credit will be applied before any additional credits you could be eligible for (e.g. Fibre Speed Upgrade credit or Bundle Up Bonus). The offer does not include or apply to any Accessories, Boosts, Data charges, Delivery costs, Wireless Broadband additional data charges, or any other calling plans, or services, all of which will be charged at full price, including during the first 6 months.

This offer may not be combined with any other new customer joining credit. It may only be combined with other publicly available offers on the Spark website you are eligible for at the date you sign up, except to the extent combination is prohibited in the terms of the other offer.

Credit Criteria for accessories may apply.

Broadband not available everywhere and speeds vary. Local Fibre Company and Spark terms apply.

  1. Netflix offer is to the Netflix 2 Screens at a Time (HD) plan, $14.99 RRP per month.
  2. BYO Netflix compatible device. See for details.
  3. Offer is not redeemable or refundable for cash and cannot be exchanged for Netflix gift subscriptions.
  4. Only available on residential Spark broadband unlimited data plans with a 12 or 24 month contract. Early exit fee of $199 applies. Not available on Spark business plans. For eligible plans and charges see:
  5. Offer must be redeemed before the final 3 months of the Spark broadband contract term.
  6. Spark Broadband Customer Terms and Conditions and Netflix Terms of use apply
  7. One Netflix subscription per eligible Spark broadband service.
  8. Netflix offer ends February 23rd 2019.
  9. Streaming Netflix uses data. Data usage incurred from watching Netflix content online will count toward your monthly broadband or mobile data allowance.
  10. Netflix plans are subject to change
  11. This offer is applied as a credit on your Netflix account, calculated with reference to the “2 Screens at a time” Netflix HD plan. If you sign up to 6 months of Netflix (available on a 12 month Spark broadband contract) the total value of the offer is $89.94. If you sign up to 12 months of Netflix (available on a 24 month Spark broadband contract), the total value of the offer is $179.88
  12. You may apply the total value of the offer to a different Netflix streaming plan, but this may change the duration of the offer. For example, if you chose the 12 month Netflix on us offer (on a 24 month Spark broadband contract), you may apply the value ($179.88) to the Netflix Premium (UHD plan, which is $18.49/per month, but it will only provide for a maximum of 10 months on us. The remaining amount of the $179.88 will be applied to your Netflix account, but you will be responsible for any additional charges due to continue your Netflix service subscription.
  13. If you wish to continue subscribing to Netflix after your credit has been used up, the Netflix subscription charges for the plan you chose will apply. You will be billed for your Netflix subscription charges by Spark (instead of Netflix), except in the circumstances specified below.
  14. If you have an active Netflix subscription at the date you redeem this offer, you will return to being billed directly by Netflix after your credit is used up, unless you signed up to a previous Spark Netflix offer in which case we may still offer Spark billing.
  15. Spark will confirm whether you will be billed by Spark before your credit expires.
  16. You can cancel your Netflix subscription at any time.
  17. Customers may cancel this Netflix billing either through Spark or through their Netflix account ( at any time without penalty and without impact to their service where remaining credit is available.
  18. Spark reserves the right to change aspects of this promotion in accordance with its standard terms.
  19. Customer queries relating to the Netflix service should be directed to Netflix at
  20. Queries relating to your broadband performance or Netflix billing on your Spark account should be directed to Spark.
  21. You may combine the Netflix offer with any other Spark offer you are eligible for at the date you sign up.
  1. 12 months of FAN PASS available with any Home Unlimited broadband plan. See our Unlimited plans and charges at Not available on Spark Business plans.
  2. $25.99 saving based on standard FAN PASS price.
  3. Customers must remain on an Unlimited home broadband plan to continue accessing FAN PASS.
  4. $99 early exit fee applies on the FAN PASS service if it is cancelled within 6 months.
  5. BYO FAN PASS compatible device. See for details.
  6. To access FAN PASS, new and existing Spark customers must be on an eligible plan and purchase the FAN PASS service.
  7. Your broadband service needs to be connected before you can complete the purchase of FAN PASS at
  8. After purchasing FAN PASS you will receive a unique FAN PASS promo code. You will receive your code via email within 48 hours of completing the purchase.
  9. Only one promo code will be available per Spark Broadband plan, it is for the account-holder's use only and can only be redeemed once.
  10. The promo code must be used within 3 months of being issued.
  11. Codes can only be redeemed online.
  12. You will need to sign up for FAN PASS at in order to access FAN PASS.
  13. FAN PASS is a subscription service and charging starts immediately after the purchase. The FAN PASS service is charged on your monthly Spark bill.
  14. If you cancel FAN PASS there is no refund for any unused days. Your access to FAN PASS will remain until the end of your billing month in FAN PASS.
  15. The promo code will give you 12 months FAN PASS. At the end of the 12 months your pass will automatically stop and the billing for the service will end. To continue using FAN PASS you can purchase a new pass directly from FAN PASS. You will need to sign up for FAN PASS at in order to access FAN PASS.
  16. When you subscribe to FAN PASS, you will need to accept FAN PASS terms and conditions.
  17. FAN PASS is responsible for managing your personal information in relation to the FAN PASS service. See the FAN PASS Privacy policy for more information.
  18. The FAN PASS service provided under this offer may vary over time, we will always notify you of any change to your service in accordance with our standard terms and conditions.
  19. Spark cannot guarantee that FAN PASS will be compatible with all devices and you are advised to check your device's compatibility with FAN PASS if you are unsure.
  20. FAN PASS uses streaming data. Any data usage incurred from watching FAN PASS content online will count towards your monthly Spark Broadband or mobile data allowance.
  21. Any customer queries relating to the FAN PASS experience should be directed to FAN PASS.
  22. Any queries relating to your broadband or mobile data performance should be made to Spark.
  23. Spark Home Package, Broadband and Residential Terms and Conditions apply.