What are your options?

If you're happy to stay on VDSL or ADSL, residential customers will see the increase on your bill from October onwards.

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If you're a business customer, you'll see this from your November bill. If you want to explore your options, we've got other plans which might suit you better – including Fibre and Wireless. View plans

What if you're in contract?

If you’re in contract and want to discuss your options, there might be a solution available.

Get in touch on 0800 478 762, or use online chat to talk to us about your options. Chat now

If you're a business customer you can. Book a call

Your options include:

  • Moving to Wireless or Fibre (subject to availability)
  • Moving to a different plan that may suit your broadband needs better
  • If you're in a fixed term contract, you're entitled to close your broadband account without paying any early termination fees