You’ll love the reliability of Fibre, especially if you enjoy watching TV and movies online or gaming.


Fibre will have you searching, scrolling, and streaming super fast. You can choose the speed for you, eg, Fibre Max is great for gamers.


With Fibre, there’s no limit to how many people or how many devices there are online at once.

Get set up for Fibre

If you don't have Fibre installed, but it's available in your area, you can follow the four steps below.

Fibre help

Got a query about the process? Check out our Fibre help pages.

Set up Fibre

Find out what steps are involved for a Fibre installation. This help page shows you the steps in more detail.

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Understand Fibre

Understand what Fibre broadband is, installation types and the speeds you could get.

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Things to know about Fibre


  • If you don't select a landline then you won't be able to make calls from a landline, including 111 calls. If you want a landline, please select this in your order. Further terms and charges apply.
  • A Fibre landline is reliant on power. If there is a power outage you won't be able to call emergency services so it’s important to have a mobile phone available for emergencies.
  • This landline service does not come with a copper phone line so is not compatible with all third party services including monitored medical or security alarms and interactive features on SKY digital. It is your responsibility to check with your service provider and make suitable arrangements.
  • From the commencement date of your Unplan service, all your National and International calls will be provided and invoiced by Spark.
  • Fibre broadband and landlines will not work during a power cut. This means the landline and devices such as medical alarms or cordless phones won't work in the event of a power cut. This could impact your ability to contact 111 emergency services.
  • We recommend you have an alternative method, such as a charged mobile phone or a power backup device such as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to keep you connected.
  • If you’re a Spark account holder and either you or someone in your household needs to contact 111 services on your landline for medical, disability, or security reasons, Spark will provide eligible customers a suitable device to contact 111 in the event of a power cut. To apply you’ll need to download and complete a Vulnerable Consumer form after you have submitted your order. Learn more about Vulnerable Consumers
  • Check with your alarm company to see if your alarms will work. Once connected, you should test them over the new connection.
  • If you have any issues with your alarm you should contact your alarm provider.
  • If you have a St Johns medical alarm on your home phone line, please contact them to organise a change to the wireless monitoring system. St John's Medical Alarm Devices

If you rent your home or business, you'll need your landlord's approval for Fibre. Find out more about landlord approval

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