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Wireless Broadband uses our 4G network. We’re so sure you’ll love using it to do your online tasks like checking email, social media, news, watching videos and more.

Easy set-up

Set-up is fast. Plug in your modem, turn it on and your broadband will be connected in a few minutes. Forget installation costs, copper cables, and waiting for technicians.

Extra data

You'll automatically move among three price tiers based on what you use each month, giving you the freedom to use more data with no overage charges.

For more detailed information on Spark's Wireless Broadband, visit Spark Wireless Broadband

  • You may only use your Spark Wireless Broadband modem to receive the service at the installed location. If you use it at another location, we may suspend, disconnect, or restrict your Spark Wireless Broadband service without notice. We need to manage our 4G network to give all customers a reliable and consistent service; if customers move their modem to a new area, this limits our ability to do this. If you move house, let us know beforehand so we can confirm what broadband options are available and get you correctly set up for your move.
  • The Spark Wireless Broadband modem requires mains power so service (including access to emergency services) will not be available in the event of a power failure. We recommend having a charged mobile phone available for use during power outages. If you have a monitored alarm that uses your landline, you’ll need to update it to a wireless option. Most medical alarm providers offer wireless monitoring solutions – it is important that you arrange this with your provider.
  • Spark’s Wireless Broadband service does not use a copper connection or phone jack points in your home. You can use portable cordless phones (which are available from Spark) if you need multiple phones in your home.
  • If you are on The Unplan you will not pay overages, the max you will pay is $85 per month.

For detailed T&Cs refer to Spark terms