The Unplan

Spark Broadband

Depending on the technology available at your place, choose between Spark’s Flexible Broadband or an Unlimited Broadband plan.
With Flexible Broadband, you pay less when you use less. It’s New Zealand’s first ever internet plan that automatically moves between three price tiers. So, each month, just use the data you need and settle up when your bill comes through. If Fibre of Wireless are unavailable, Unlimited Broadband is the option for you.

Fibre or Wireless

From $65*/mth

*Prices shown are for Unplan Wireless and Fibre Basic until 15 October 2020. Fibre Basic will increase by $1 per month on 16 October 2020.

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From $99.99/mth

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Get more with Spark broadband

Getting connected is one thing. Adding amazing entertainment is next level. Simply choose a connection type, check your address and add your favourites.


Take Wireless or Fibre Flexible Broadband with Netflix Standard (HD) for only $10 extra per month (worth $16.99/month).

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Add Neon for only $9.95 extra per month (worth $13.95/month).

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Spark Sport

Add Spark Sport for only $24.99 extra per month. Get a $5 monthly credit automatically applied to your Spark bill. Offer subject to change.

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Add XBOX All Access – Grab an Xbox One S with 24 months Game Pass Ultimate for only $32/month over 24 months.

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Important things to know

Unplan: Fibre or Wireless

  • Unplan is the name of our new Fibre and Wireless plan. It's called Unplan because you pay as you go. 
  • Monthly charges are invoiced in arrears. Price tier determined by how much data you use that month.
  • Spark will provide your modem. There's a $14.95 postage fee, or a $18.95 postage fee for evening delivery. Non-standard installation fees may also apply.
  • Your broadband is delivered via Wireless Broadband (over Spark’s 4G network) or Fibre (FibreBASIC over the Ultra Fast Fibre network, which you can upgrade for an additional charge). Spark will select the most appropriate technology for you based on what’s available at your address and usage patterns you indicate during your set up.
  • If you have Wireless Broadband and your data usage exceeds 350GB in a month, or 300GB a month for three consecutive months, Spark may change you (at Spark’s discretion) to Fibre or a new plan.
  • For Unplan Metro plans, if your data usage exceeds 600GB in a month we may change you (at our discretion) to Fibre or a new plan. Unplan Metro plans are available at eligible addresses only.
  • Fibre or Wireless plans don't come with a landline. This means you will not be able to make calls from a landline, including 111 calls. If you want a landline, please add a landline during the check out process. Further charges apply.
  • If you're already a Spark broadband customer, any recurring credits or discounts on your existing broadband account will stop when you switch plans. This includes things like the $10 Bundle up Bonus.
  • Unplan terms and conditions apply. View Unplan Terms


Unplan Netflix: Fibre or Wireless

If you select Fibre or Wireless Netflix, also known as Unplan Netflix, the following also apply:

  • The Netflix plan comes with Netflix Standard (HD) Streaming for the duration of your Netflix plan. Or until you or Spark terminates this service in accordance with the Unplan Netflix terms and conditions.
  • If you upgrade from any other Spark broadband plan to Unplan Netflix you will enter into a new 12 month term. If you terminate before the expiry of this new 12 month term, you will be charged an exit fee of $199.
  • You must use your own Netflix compatible device.
  • Even if you’ve had a Netflix offer with Spark or if you have a Netflix account you’ll still need go to MySpark and select activate. If you were already paying for a Netflix account, this payment will stop as soon as you activate your Spark offer. It doesn’t matter how you were paying, for example, by credit card, Spark bill, iTunes, Google Play or Apple TV.
  • You don't need to cancel an existing Netflix account. You can use your existing Netflix details when you activate and this will link it to your Spark broadband plan. This means you'll stop being billed for your existing Netflix account separately.
  • View terms for Unplan Netflix:
    Spark’s Unplan Terms
    Netflix on Spark plans terms and conditions


Unplan: Fibre or Wireless with landline

If you select Unplan / Unplan Netflix: Fibre or Wireless with landline, the following also apply:

  • Your Upgrade Plan recommendation will show ‘with Landline’ if this is included. If you want to add or remove a landline, please select View more options to include this change in your order. Further charges will apply if you add on a landline.
  • Your Unplan landline is reliant on power. If there is a power outage you won't be able to call emergency services so it’s important to have a charged mobile phone available for emergencies.
  • This Unplan landline service does not come with a copper phone line so may not be compatible with some third-party services including monitored medical and security alarms and interactive features on SKY digital. It is your responsibility to check with your service provider and make suitable arrangements.
  • From the commencement date of your Unplan service, all your National and International calls will be provided and invoiced by Spark.


ADSL/VDSL, also known as Unlimited Broadband ADSL/VDSL

  • Find out more about broadband speeds. Note that stated speeds are based on theoretical maximums. Actual speeds will be affected by various factors including NZ and overseas networks, your modem and computer technology including WiFi capability, internal home wiring and other environmental factors. Find out more about broadband speed
  • Charging for Spark broadband starts once your service is connected to our network. Please be aware you need to let us know 30 days in advance if you wish to cancel your service (or services). If you change or remove your plan or package within 30 days you will still be charged for the full month.

ADSL/VDSL: Netflix, also known as Unlimited Netflix Broadband ADSL/VDSL

  • Unlimited Netflix Broadband ADSL/VDSL comes with Netflix Standard (HD) Streaming plan for the duration of your Unlimited Netflix plan or until you or Spark terminates your plan in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions.
  • If you join Unlimited Netflix Broadband ADSL/VDSL, or if you upgrade from any other Spark broadband plan to Unlimited Netflix Broadband you will enter into a new 12 month term. If you terminate before the expiry of this new 12 month term, you will be charged an exit fee of $199.
  • If you were paying for Netflix before you ordered Unlimited Netflix, you will need to activate this new offer in MySpark, so that you can link your current Netflix account to stop the old method of payment. View Netflix offer terms and conditions
  • You must use your own Netflix compatible device.
  • The following terms apply:
    Fixed Line Terms 
    General terms
    Netflix on Spark Plans terms

What are the ADSL/VDSL offer summaries?

These are also known as our plan terms.

View ADSL Plan Terms

View VDSL Plan Terms

What is naked vs landline broadband?

Naked is broadband only. You don't get a landline or phone number with naked broadband. If you have a monitored alarm, medical alarm, fax, or order pay per view movies, these services may no longer work without a landline. If you need those services, naked broadband will not be for you.

How many devices can I connect to my Spark modem?

You can connect as many devices, such as computers, tablets, laptops and smartphones, as you want to your modem. Certain devices may use different technologies which will affect the speed. For instance an older device with a slower processor will be slower than a newer device. What you are actually doing on the device will also affect the speed. The more devices you have using your connection at the same time, the harder the modem works to deliver broadband.

How fast is ADSL Broadband?

ADSL Broadband has been the standard in New Zealand for a long time and, depending on the quality of your lines, gives download speeds of up to 24Mbps and upload speeds of 1Mbps. The national average is about 10Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. This should be plenty for the basics like emailing, browsing the internet and checking social networks.

How much faster is VDSL Broadband?

It's a lot faster than ADSL. Depending on your line quality, you could get download speeds of up to 70Mbps and upload speeds up to 10Mbps. There are a number of factors involved such as the condition of the copper cables and the distance from the nearest cabinet. The closer you are to the cabinet the better.